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5 Reasons Why Your Basement May Have Leaks & How to Find Them

5 Reasons Why Your Basement May Have Leaks How to Find Them

Discovering the leaky basement is really disheartening. A leaky basement is a common problem that most householders have to deal with. But from now on, you can prevent this situation by expert consultation with Cali’s Choice.

Taking care of the basement is a real struggle as a homeowner. As property owners, it’s our responsibility to stay focused on the dingy area of the property. Almost everyone has already gone through this basement leakage condition right? Ignoring these basement problems could lead to structural issues that ultimately cause costly repairs.

Leaks ultimately promote humidity that causes mold and mildew growth. In this case, you and your family might be affected by allergic reactions. This is why it is crucial to recognize the water damage signs earlier.

When you hire the experts from Cali’s Choice, they will investigate the whole condition of the basement wall leaking water and determine the causes of basement leakage. The team of Cali’s Choice explains the causes and suggests the best effective solutions for recognizing the issues on time.

Find out how to find where water is coming from in the basement.

How To Deal With The Leaky Basement & Water Leak Detection?

Nothing will put a damper on your plans than the water-filled basement. No one wants to spend their spare time cleaning and mopping the water from the basement. A leaky basement can turn into costly repairs if left untreated for a long time. So, do you want to disrupt your winter plans by struggling with this scary situation of basement flooding?

Basement leakage or water seeping through basement walls is a common problem caused during winters. There are so many factors that define the causes of the basement leak. It is always recommended to install a water leak detector so that you are alerted if there is a leak.

There are several ways through which the water enters your basement. It can go through the foundation wall to water from your floor. The biggest signs of basement leakage are the standing water in your basement. However, some other signs signify you have a basement leak.

Does your basement smell musty? Whether this odor is persistent or occasionally, it can lead to mold. Simultaneously, if you feel stains and discoloration on your floors and walls, it also signifies a water leakage. Most of the water stains sign brown, black and green. You should also notice whether the basement wall has sparkly white powder. If you notice the white powder, it means the water seeps through the basement. Check the basement leak before knowing the steps for how to fix the leaking concrete basement wall.

What Are The Causes Of Basement Leaks?

Are you worried about the regular basement leak? It is better to hire professional water leak detection service. Before finding the basement leak and repairing it, let’s try to understand the common causes.

Poor grading:

When was your home built? Do you live in an older home? Are you sure that it was built correctly? Usually, builders grade the land under your home to ensure it slopes away from your house. Have your local construction companies skipped the grading processes during the home’s construction?

If this happens, you need a basement repair expert. When the water begins to drain in the wrong direction, it accumulates against the foundation, which ultimately causes basement leakage. Hiring the Cali’s Choice expert team can determine the actual problem. If ineffective grading is the problem, they will provide the appropriate solution.

Cracks in the wall:

Having cracks on the wall is common, especially when living in a traditionally built home. Most of us neglect the cracks but do you know it can be the reason for the basement leakage? These cracks can produce over time due to hydrostatic pressure. The hydrostatic pressure is produced when the buildup of water is high. It puts pressure on your foundation walls and makes the Concrete lead to cracks. By hiring the experts, you can understand whether you have any structural problem or not and take further action.

Damaged downspouts and gutters:

Gutters and downspouts are other essential reasons that channel the water away from home. But what if there are no downspouts and gutters found in your place? The water can be directed towards the home’s foundation in this situation. Water can easily find its way to the basement and cause excessive moisture. When you hire the experts, they will easily source the problem and install the upgraded items.

Poor drain:

Similar to the downspout, the poor drain is also a reason for basement leakage. If your drain is clogged, the water flow can be interrupted, and it reaches the areas which cause trouble to you. These drains can be clogged due to the intrusion of tree roots, collapsed tiles, debris, and other elements. Therefore, to avoid basement leakage, it is essential to inspect the drain from time to time. The water will be directed to the sump pump if your home is not on a slope. This is when it is required to hire a water leak detection expert.

Basement condensation and interior water leak:

When the warm and humid air comes into the connection of the cool basement floor, it results in condensation. This condensation can lead to moisture, which causes real struggle. However, the interior water leak can also cause trouble and weaken the structure of your home. This is why it is recommended to check the showers, sink, and toilet from time to time. Hire a professional water leak detection service and let them address the problems.

Now you know why the basement leak repair occurs, but do you know how to diagnose that? Diagnosing the water basement leak is tough, but here we share some best tips to find them.

How To Find The Basement Leakage?

Diagnose the water problem:

Water leakage in the basement occurs from two sources where one is indoor humidity and another is cold surface. The rainwater and the snow after it melts can saturate the soil around the foundation. Water can leak through the cracks and penetrate the porous concrete. To figure out the exact problem, hire a professional plumber.

Check the gutters and downspouts:

Do you know that the gutters and downspouts are the biggest channels of water leakage? Clogged gutters enhance the chances of basement leaks, which is why cleaning the gutters and downspouts is necessary. Clean the gutters twice a year. Make sure the gutter near your property is in good condition, and if it is necessary, add the extension. Check the sump pump system and the connected pipes.

Check the landscaping:

Do you want to keep the water out from the basement? Inspect the landscape around the property. The soil around the property should always slope away. If the slope level is towards your home, you should be ready with all the precautions to prevent basement leakage. The safest distance between the landscaping and the home’s foundation is 6 inches.

Repair Cracks and Gaps:

Are there any cracks and gaps in your basement? Inspect your home’s basement foundation, and fix all the cracks and gaps as soon as possible. To complete those gaps, you can try Hydraulic cement. Along with that, Everyone should also check the drain tile. If you notice the leaking water under the basement, ensure the drain tile is fixed.

Check Your Plumbing:

Most water leakage problems occur due to plumbing issues. The water and drain pipes of your home could also damage over time. The convenient way to check your plumbing system is to regularly inspect the showers, bathtubs, sink, and toilets.

What If I Can’t Get Success For Finding The Water Leak?

If you get unsuccessful results after applying all the above-discussed ways, hire Cali’s Choice. Cali’s Choice is a trusted company that offers water leak detection services. We will be your ultimate choice if you reside in Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles. The company offers water and slab leak detection services. Make a call to us today for any plumbing-related requirements.

Water leaks are common and can be easily fixed with the right knowledge. You should know where the leak comes from to deal with the potential problems. By going through the above steps, you can easily detect the cause. For professional water leak detection service, hire Cali’s Choice.

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