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Orange County Leak Detection

Local water leak & leak detection service is available in Orange County, in less than an hour.  Our experienced Orange County leak detection plumbers will show up any time day or night to find and fix the leak in your house.

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Cali's Choice Plumbing of Orange County Leak DetectionWater leaks are a serious problem, and you need a serious professional to take care of the issue as quickly as possible.  If a leak is not taken care of quickly, water and moisture will seep into walls, carpet, cracks in your ceiling, etc. and cause tons of damage.  Even if there isn't visible damage, the longer you wait to fix a leak the more exhaustive the damage can get.

Whether it is just a leaky faucet, or a major pipe burst, we will identify the issue and repair the damage (if necessary).  We work with any size job from just a small ceiling drywall replacement, or even full home rebuilds which we can bill directly to your insurance. We have existing relationships with every insurance company in Orange County, making sure your plumbing work gets billed properly and paid for directly.

Orange County Leak Detection Highlights

  • Orange County based plumbers with extensive experience in leak detection and water damage
  • Emergency service can be at your Orange County house in less than an hour, any time day or night
    No job is too big or too small
  • Direct insurance billing for any home damage, water damage, or restoration
  • Get up to $1,000 OFF your insurance deductible, instant savings
  • Licensed & insured plumbers, they're friendly too!
  • We treat our customers like royalty, no matter how big the job

The Leak Detection Technology Difference

Cali's Choice Plumbing of Orange County Leak DetectionLeak detection is the process of identifying a water source and specifically finding the point at which water is leaving the confinement of your water pipes.  This could be almost anywhere, although the most common areas for water loss or leaks is in the joints of pipes.

Don't worry, though, we don't need to tear down the walls of your house just to find which pipe is leaking the most or shows signs of moisture.  Our plumbers are equipped with the latest technology in our industry to facilitate the process of leak detection.

Specifically this includes using infrared devices to detect temperature differences through walls, which many times indicates a water source.  We also use humidity detector devices to find areas that have lots of moisture in the air, another big indicator of a leak source.  Make sure any professional plumber or leak detection specialist is equipped with these items when identifying a leak in your house, otherwise you are risking unnecessary damage to your home by tearing apart walls and ceilings.

Possible Water Leak Sources

Many possibilities exist for the source of a water leak, thus why it is necessary to use a leak detection plumber with some experience in the field.  They not only have the right equipment but also are aware of the many common leak possibilities below.

Slab Leaks, also Underground Leaks

Cali's Choice Plumbing of Orange County Slab LeakThis type of leak is very common, and unfortunately is one of the most difficult to identify and fix.  Many homes or building in Orange County are built on top of a large concrete slab, and when there is a water source leaking below your home it is then called a slab leak.  This is because the water will pool around and seep below the concrete slab, thus the term slab leak.

The problem with this type of leak is that it is occurring completely underground, and thus can go unnoticed for long periods of time.  Some of the common symptoms for a slab leak will include large build-ups of water in your yard or a sudden loss of water pressure in your home.  In more serious cases you can actually audibly hear a water source by carefully listening to the ground or putting you ear to a wall in your home.  Either way, you are sure to get a large water bill from your local water company, which is the final indication that you have a problem.

Make sure to use our professional Orange County leak detection services if you suspect a slab leak, as the skills of an expert plumbing team are absolutely necessary.  We work with all major insurance companies and bill them directly for the work, so do not delay in giving us a call to identify or repair a slab leak!

Leaks in a Water Line, Burst Pipe

Another very common type of leak is a pipe that burst in your ceiling, walls, or floor.  It could be a small crack in a pipe joint, or even a major hole in the pipe caused by extreme temperature changes and pressure.  Especially in colder areas, it is very common for pipes to freeze over, storing solid ice inside of them.  This water expands during the process of freezing, causing immense amounts of pressure and enough to actually fracture metal pipes. 

Even if your pipe has not burst due to cold weather, it is also very possible to simply have a crack in the pipe or a joint that isn't completely sealed.  The tiniest amount of water exiting a pipe will seep down the line, dripping onto drywall or wood, permanently damaging it.  Even the tiniest amount of moisture can cause damage so any type of pipe leak is a serious problem that must be found and fixed immediately.

Leaking toilets, leaking showers, and leaking sinks

There is no denying that these fixtures have a lot of water flowing through them, and get put through a lot of use and abuse over the years.  Fixture Leaks are common due to the amount of joints between pipes, and other water transfer pieces needed to deliver water to these areas.

While easier to identify since the problem is quite often visually apparent, a leaky faucet or toilet is still a serious problem.  Especially since the water leak is going to leak on visible areas of your Orange County home, causing mold and rot.  Even small leaks can lead to thousands of gallons of water waste per month, resulting in huge water bills and risk of water damage to your home.  Don't wait until it is too late!

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