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Slab Leak Repair Yorba Linda

What is a slab leak and what can cause them?

Slab leak is the term used when a leak occurs in a water line that lies beneath the concrete slab of your home. These leaks have a wide variety of causes including pipe corrosion, poor soldering, poorly wrapped copper and poor water quality, to name a few.

If you hear running water even when all water is turned off, you may have a slab leak on your hands. Other disturbing signs of slab leaks include cracks in your wall, floor cracks, mildew or excessive moisture underneath your carpeting.

If you receive a suspiciously high water bill that you can’t explain any other way, this could also be a sign of a slab leak. If you suspect a leak underneath your home, call Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration for your top quality slab leak repair Yorba Linda.

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    How are slab leaks repaired?

    There are three main ways of dealing with slab leaks. In a direct access repair, the concrete is opened in order to directly access and repair the leak. Though simple, this is a laborious process that involves creating a temporary, four-foot-by-four-foot hole in the affected concrete.

    Another method of repair is the reroute, which involves bypassing the leaking line altogether. Typically, the old line is replaced with an above-ground water line. The third way of repairing a slab leak is to treat the leaking line with epoxy. Since this method may not prove as effective as the others, it is typically used as a last resort.

    While the do-it-yourself approach might serve well for some home problems, slab leaks require the expertise of experienced plumbers. Far too many people jump into do-it-yourself repairs without adequate knowledge or preparation. While a self-reliant attitude is usually admirable, spurning professional plumbing assistance could put the structural integrity of your home at risk.

    If you suspect you have a slab leak, you should secure the services of a trustworthy plumber with a fine professional reputation. Be aware that if you do not fix your slab leak you may experience serious problems down the road. Furthermore, the cheapest fix might not prove the most long-lasting.

    Why choose a slab leak
    repair professional?

    One of the primary benefits of bringing a trained Yorba Linda plumber to your site is the fact that a plumber can provide you with a full diagnostic report. This detailed report will identify any and all causes for your slab leak, along with the best solutions. Since the plumber will inspect your entire plumbing system, you can use this opportunity take care of all plumbing problems, including ones you might not yet suspect.

    It’s no secret that housing sales are trending upwards in the Yorba Linda area. Whether you are a new or veteran homeowner, your home is likely your primary residence as well as your most valued financial asset. Devote the necessary time and resources to protect this asset for generations to come. We execute slab water leak repairs with the kind of professionalism and promptness the residents of Yorba Linda expect.

    A local business, we are available to assist you twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. If you suspect you have a slab leak or any other type of plumbing leak, call Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration today.

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