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Call our Plumber in Lake Forest and get speedy, secure and high quality services at very affordable pricing options.

  • We are available 24/7
  • We are an insured and bonded group, with 30+ years in the industry 
  • All plumbers are licensed, with teams having various certifications for specialized plumbing jobs
  • All services are backed with guarantees or warranties
  • Free consultation and free estimations with a range of pricing options to suit different budgets
  • Emergency Plumbing Service in Lake Forest is available within minutes
  • Excellent telephonic assistance whenever required
  • Hassle free solutions – no overcharging, transparent and honest pricing approach, fair-priced and easy financing options for installations, no long negotiations, courteous technicians
  • Optimized support – we extend our services whenever required to attend to other related needs such as cleanup and decontamination, mold removal, content restoration from water damage such as carpet restoration, leaky roof repair, etc.
  • On-time arrival, speedy, reliable repairs and durable solutions 
  • Fast and 100% accurate plumbing-based installations using the latest in plumbing technology and tools for inspection and installations
  • And plenty of other benefits

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    24 Hour Emergency Plumber in Lake Forest, CA

    Over the past 30+ years, we have gained expertise in managing every kind of service in plumbing and related appliance repair, installation, replacement and maintenance. That is why, we assure you excellent services – no delays, no confusions, no wrong diagnosis, only top notch services delivery. Our services include the following:

    • Water leak detection and repair:

      Whether it is a slab pipe leak, a concealed wall pipe leak or a drain pipe burst, whether it is a bathroom system gone haywire or a hot water pipe leak, do not worry about getting an expert plumber in Lake Forest on time to help you. Call us and let us ensure that you get fast and optimum solutions

    • Indoor flooding and water damage restoration:

      Has a burst pipe, a broken faucet or a laundry equipment leak flooded your property while you were away. Has floods led to basement flooding? Call Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration when you need fast and optimum water damage restoration services in Lake Forest. Our damage restoration teams excel in minimizing progressive damage through penetration of water into structural elements, furniture, and content, and help you in salvaging the maximum of affected products. We have the best resources for fast water extraction, drying and dehumidification, and ensure compliance to all required codes and standards for every related process, including cleanup and sanitization.

    • Drain and sewer line inspection and repairs

      : Moving into an old property or have outdated or ageing pipes? Faced with drain clogs often? Go for our sewer camera inspection service and verify if your pipes are not affected by root infiltration, debris buildup, corrosions, cracks or any other issues. Go for accurate pipe damage repairs, which assures long term solutions. For removing blockages, we offer a variety of cleaning solutions, including hydro jetting service. 

    • Kitchen, bathroom and toilet plumbing services

      : Looking to upgrade your kitchens and bathrooms by replacing ageing or poorly functioning plumbing and related appliances. We offer perfect replacement and installation services – water filtration units, hot water dispensers, dishwashers, faucets, sinks, basins, shower systems, bathtubs, toilet systems, drain pipes, our services cover everything. Schedule a free consultation and let us know your budget and your preferences. We will give you access to a wide range of options, which best suits your property-based requirements and your interests. We also offer a full suite of kitchen, bathroom and toilet plumbing repair services in Lake Forest. 

    • Water heater and hot water systems replacement, repair or installation

      : Do you face frequent hot water issues like partial heating, slow heating or overheating? Sometimes, the problem is not with any part in the water heater but due to some problem with related systems such as the hot water recirculation system, the pipes, etc. Go for our smart plumbing inspection solutions for your water heating issues, and find accurate and complete solutions to your problems. Looking to replace or repair water heater. Get our certified plumber in Lake Forest to ensure perfect installation services. This will free you from any risks and threats, and prevent issues that arise from errors when executing replacement. We also help you choose the right water heater for your property.

    • Air conditioner and HVAC unit repair:

      Having issues with your air conditioning system or your refrigerators? Get it repaired from our HVAC technicians in Lake Forest. Schedule an appointment at any time that suits you. Our services include maintenance as well as part repair and replacement near you.

    • Repiping:

      We offer a complete range of repiping solutions – slab pipes, drain and sewer pipes and water supply pipes as well as gas pipes. We also offer slab pipe rerouting services and new pipe installations when you renovate or retrofit your property.

    • Gas leak detection and repair

      : Call our plumber in Lake Forest for emergency gas leak inspection and repairs, when you need licensed technicians at your doorstep within minutes.

    • Other Services:

        Our plumbing services in Lake Forest cover detailed plumbing inspections and preventive maintenance services. Additionally, if you want to test, adjust or replace your water pressure regulators, water shut-off valves or would like to install a water softener system, find high quality solutions from us. 

    Call our emergency plumber Lake Forest and find out in how many ways we can benefit you. Make us your go-to plumber for a better plumbing experience.

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