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The Basic Plumbing Priorities To Complete Before You Leave For Vacation

Basic Plumbing Priorities To Complete Before You Leave For Vacation


Most of you are planning your winter vacation right now, right? Whether you are headed up to the north or south for a vacation, you must take care of a few things before leaving.

When it comes to the basic checklist, we all remember things like turning off the light, locking all the windows, doors, etc. There are also plumbing priorities you should be aware of before you leave for a vacation.

You would not want to return from a vacation to find a plumbing crisis that has happened or is waiting to happen.

Inspecting all the plumbing problems before leaving home ensures you won’t return to any unpleasant surprises. There are hundreds of cases in California about people returning to their homes to find ruined carpets, foul smells, and moldy walls!

Managing all the plumbing problems just after reaching your home is stressful. If you don’t want to face a plumbing crisis and return home to call a 24 hour plumber in Orange County, read this blog and find out what should be there in your pre-vacation plumbing checklist.

Discover The Hidden Issues Of Plumbing Before Moving

When you decide on vacation, you have to figure out many things, from booking hotels to tracking the complete transportation cost. Plumbing needs to be checked well in advance.

The task is to inspect every plumbing system of your property. However, the checklist is long. An expert professional plumber assistance can cost you some bucks but save you from unnecessary stress, time, and a major plumbing crisis.

Finding a professional 24-hour plumber in Orange County from Cali’s Choice for plumbing inspection is preferable to coming home with a flooded basement, moldy smell, and damaged furniture. This is why it is necessary to organize a plumbing inspection. With this, you can get alert about the potential plumbing issues before time and take steps for recovery.

We often ignore the basic plumbing issues that become worse when left untreated. The professional plumbers will reach your space and go through each plumbing system to be aware of emergencies. Want to maintain the efficiency and productivity of your fixture and pipes?

Here is a plumbing checklist based on which you can prepare your own checklist.

Advanced Plumbing Checklist That Must Be Done Before Leaving For Vacation

Turn Off The Water Supply

Leaving your property for just a week is okay, but when you leave for several weeks and months, you should turn off the water supply. Burst pipes and even a small leak can cause significant damage. When you shut off the main water line, you shut off the possibility of a water leak. It ultimately prevents the damage that causes water to flood inside and outside the home. You can also shut down the sprinkler system and disconnect the hoses and faucets.

Complete The Task Of The Sump Pump Test

Inspecting whether the sump pump is operating in the ideal stage is necessary. Storms bring lots of rainwater. You would not want to spend days removing the flood water from your property. So, give your sump pump a test run. Make sure it is on the ideal stage and pump away the water. You should also have an emergency battery backup in case of an outage of power.

Inspect The Electrical Appliance And Fixtures

Before leaving your space, you must turn off the individual valves and fixtures. Check the washing machine, dishwasher, and washroom appliances so that water doesn’t leak when you are away.

Turn on the water to ensure no food particles are in the sink, preventing a rotten and stinky smell. Check the condition of your water heater if you haven’t scheduled maintenance for the water heater. Hire a professional plumber for this task and if you don’t have that much time, shut it off and lower the chances of flooding and utility bill costs.

Clean The Drains and Gutters

Before planning an extended vacation, ensure you have cleaned your drain and gutters. Remove all the debris from the gutters. By doing so, you can allow the rainwater to move away safely. It prevents the additional water from entering your home when you are not present.

Even a minor clog in the drain may start smelling like hell when left untreated. If it’s been a year since you have given your drain a proper cleaning, hire the 24-hour plumber in Orange County from Cali’s Choice. By asking for help from them, you can reduce the chances of returning home with an unpleasant funky smell.

Complete Your Yard Work

Before you leave, look at your yard and ensure no tree roots encroach on your sewer lines. It will be best to shut down the water sprinkler system.

Even a small drip can become the most extensive damage and increase the utility cost. Therefore, prevention is always necessary to cut the additional cost of repairing.

Inspect The External and Internal Pipes

Don’t forget to check the external and internal pipes. The external pipe faces a lot of exposure to sun and rain, and that’s why they need to be checked at the right time. A proper inspection ensures that no tree roots are found next to your pipe.

Check The Pool Sump

Do you have a pool at your property? Are you going to turn off the pool pump before leaving? However, turning it off properly can build algae production and other issues. So, rather than turning it off completely, turn the pool pumps to an optimal setting.

Keep Everything Dry

Is there any leakage at your property? Checkout for the leak and repair it as soon as possible. Check the appliance’s and other parts’ dampness and ask a 24 hour plumber in Orange County to repair it.

Organize A Professional Plumbing Check

If you cannot do it alone, you can go for a professional plumbing check. Schedule a professional plumbing team to inspect the plumbing needs.

It would be good to ask a friend to check in to your property in your absence. It can be the best way to get updated with the plumbing issues if you are away from the property for weeks. Once you ensure that the plumbing system is in the ideal stage, you can enjoy your vacation peacefully.

Vacations are fun, but you should complete the above checklists to make them more realistic. By asking for professional help, you can quickly complete these tasks within an hour, and it will give you peace of mind and relaxation to enjoy the vacation.

What To Do After Plumbing Inspection?

Once the technicians do the above-listed checklist, they will give you a complete summary of what they have done and found. You can ask for repair and replacement options if any inconveniences are found.

If there is a need to upgrade any equipment, then it will be better to schedule a time with the experts. If you don’t have proper time on your hand, you can ask them how quickly it should be done and what the consequences are if it isn’t addressed.

Even if you don’t find any severe damage in the inspection, it can help you to decide when to replace the equipment and what is the current condition of your plumbing system. Doing so can minimize your stress level, save money, cut electric and water bill expenses, and much more!

If you want to upgrade your plumbing system, you can ask the plumbing experts about this. Cali’s Choice experts will make you aware of the energy-efficient options.


Do you want to protect your property even if you are not there? Following a few extra preventive measures before vacation gives you comfort and relaxation. Help your plumbing system by getting an inspection done by a 24-hour plumber in Orange County. Cali’s Choice offers stress-free and efficient plumbing solutions in Orange County. Let us help you!

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