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Four Easy Steps to Unclog Your Drain Chemical Free

Drain Cleaning

Unclogging a drain could be a difficult task when you do not want to use those harmful, toxic chemicals. But using severe chemicals have more disadvantages than you know off in addition to not being an environmental-friendly option most of the time. So how do you unclog drains without chemicals? Here are some answers.

Dealing with a sluggish drain is generally one major task that comes your way without any warning. You might be just doing the laundry and you find yourself faced with a drain backflow or clogged drain line. A clogged drain is something that any house dweller or property owner will certainly have to deal with at some point or another.

Instead of picking up a package of the drain cleaning chemicals -which are not just terrible for the environment but may damage your pipes or cause a block down the system -try some of the approaches mentioned in this blog.

Known Reasons For Choosing Environmentally Friendly Methods To Unclog Drains

Drain cleaners with chemical substances are washed into the sewer system and, finally, the community waterways. Some types of chemicals used in these drain cleaners can harm many plant and animal species who directly or indirectly imbibe them. The chemicals may outright eradicate certain kinds of species.

Most chemical drain cleaners consist of substances that induce dangerous fumes, which could trigger a number of health hazards. It could also aggravate severe illnesses in people with chronic respiratory issues.

Also, when you utilize a chemical cleanser, it also affects the pipe (which is not rare in homes with PVC pipes). Pipe damage repair is much more expensive than the charges of a professional drain cleaning Orange County.

How To Unclog A Drain Without Chemicals

There are many inexpensive and nontoxic techniques you should use to unclog the drains in your house, with ingredients you certainly have inside your cabinets.

You will need:

  • Plunger or hands plunger (of course not flanged)
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Hand-operated drain snake
  • A container
  • A versatile wrench
  • A rag

Adhere to These Steps:

Here are some of the best ways to sort out a blocked drain. You start with easy and simple techniques first.

  1. Try plunging first. Take away the strainer or stopper and fill the basin midway with water and begin plunging, gradually raising the pressure to ideally take away the block. If you have a double kitchen sink, you will have to plug another side to be able to get ample pressure in order to clean the blocked drain.
  2. If it produced no huge difference, pour a glass of baking soda and after that, pour a glass of white vinegar. Let that bubble and fizz off for at the very least an hour, and pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain.
  3. If both these easy methods did not work, it is time to get one of these more involved techniques. Use a drain snake to eliminate the clog. It is a hardcore metal cable that falls into the drain and holds or dislodges the blockage, ideally enabling you to pull it out. Be cautious when working with a drain snake, particularly if you have an older system.
  4. If the drain snake does not eliminate the clog and you feel safe doing this, you might like to take the plumbing under the sink apart and clean them. It is essential that you first switch off the water shutoff valves based below the kitchen sink before you start operating.

Look within the sink of the tube that will go from the drain into the wall. Before you get started, get a picture (so that you will not forget where things go). Then create a bucket under the curved pipe (p-trap), unscrew the water lines making use of the adaptable wrench (turning counter-clockwise) if needed. Clean the pipe out and after that, reinstall them. Turn the shutoff regulators back on, then run the water to be sure the plumbing is tight rather than leaking.

Note: Should you still be having drainage problems to this end, it is time for you to contact a specialist to get the best drain service in Orange County.

Dos And Don’ts For Any Clean Drain

Don’t handle your sink like a throwing ground meant for items that do not belong in it. Even though many kinds of organic materials or ones that get dissolved in water create no issues down the drain, it could trigger issues down the road.

Do provide your drain some help in preventing blocks. Usually, running warm water for some time can help you clear and clean it. Should you be coping with a funny odor, utilize the baking soda and white vinegar for just a little refresh.

Important Advantages Of Professional Drain Cleaning

Improved Depleting Systems

Drain blockages certainly are a recurring issue for some homes and result in a much less healthy house and draining system. Once you hire an expert in drain cleaning in Orange County, it is possible to remove obstructions from your system with technology-enabled tools that do a much better job than basic drain cleaning methods. Moreover, a specialist can measure the number of obstructions. Otherwise, it really is difficult to measure the intensity of blocked plumbing and surrounding piping. It is possible to hire a drain cleaning Orange County service provider to regularly consider your dilemmas and stop long-term blockages.

Will Save Money And Time

If you routinely maintain your drainage system, you are in less threat of spending money on larger issues down the road. A specialist in fixing a clogged drain in Orange County could help you save money on future costs. To put it simply, getting an expert, you are able to trust to clean your drains helps to prevent problems that need large amounts of funds for solutions.

Below are a few conditions that commonly occur if you do not keep your drain working well?

  • Burst pipes
  • Excessive water expenses
  • Water contaminants
  • Corroded draining systems

Professional Solutions Only

A specialist who unclogs clogged drains in Orange County might utilize technology that you cannot very easily buy somewhere else. For example, the company can use an hydro jet cleaner to clean sewer lines and drains. The Hydrojet is a specialized high-pressure line that blasts off obstructions along with other remains.


Whenever you select a professional service for clogged drain in Orange County, you happen to be supporting a local business with a known status and outlined skill-set. If you try to repair your system yourself, you will not understand for sure if the task you are doing is a long-term solution. Simply by choosing a professional drain service Orange County company, you will be sure that you get a credible and viable solution.

By selecting a service team it is possible to trust, you cut costs promptly and get the proper gear to keep your house running properly. Otherwise, you may spend a huge amount of money on the wrong device but still have issues left to fix.

The Trick To Maintaining Your Drains Hair-Free

The ultimate way to clear hair-clogged drains would be to prevent getting them clogged, to begin with! Running the tap through shaving, cleaning your hair just before showering is a behavior you can cultivate to have hair-free drains.

These are just a few things that a do-it-yourself solution may possibly not be in a position to repair. Clogged drains that become too big for you may stick natural solvents deeper within the drain than you can clean. Professionals in drain service in Orange County have expert practices and equipment that will identify and solve the hidden problems.

Contact Professionals – The team at Cali’s Choice is always ready to help

If you are struggling to clear your blocked drains, it is possible you might be dealing with a far more serious concern than a basic clog. Occasionally, blockages in drains build-up thoroughly, and as time passes, they cause strain on the drain plumbing, causing splits to appear and sometimes pipes to break totally. Should you have a broken pipe, you should get in touch with experts in Cali’s Choice without delay.

Cali’s Choice offers you drain cleaning support that is inexpensive, competent, and long-lasting. That is why we endorse precautionary maintenance and provide a complimentary plumbing system check-up after each checkout. Whenever we are done handling your drain issue, we always check every main high-use section of your plumbing system for free. By looking for damage and potential problems, we will assist you to avoid huge maintenance and cut costs on your plumbing costs.

You could contact Cali’s Choice any time you are faced with a clogged drain or sewer line. Our customer service is available 24/7. With a Cali’s Choice plumber at your service, find long-term solutions to any drain issues you are facing.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.