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Know The Signs Of Poorly Vented Residential & Commercial Plumbing Lines

Know The Signs Of Poorly Vented Residential Commercial Plumbing Lines


Buying a property is overwhelming. Besides the space’s security, design and interior, many more things need to be considered! It is tough to understand the importance of well-maintained water damage-free space.

If you want to live peacefully and in comfort, then understanding the residential plumbing requirements is a must. Most of you have general ideas about plumbing, like how they work and how important they are. But do you know about the plumbing vents? Plumbing vents are the critical part of the system that ensures an efficient and effective plumbing system.

The vent pipes of your space help to remove the odors from the space. When working on your home’s plumbing system, you should decide which type of plumbing vent is ideal for the property. There are multiple options for plumbing vents that come with individual pros and cons! So, if you are looking for services related to residential plumbing in Orange County, this blog will help to guide you.

To make the right decisions about plumbing in Orange County, let’s first try to understand what plumbing vents are and why they are important.

What Are Plumbing Vents? Why Are They Important?

The plumbing vents are the pipes, allowing air exposure to enter and exit the plumbing system. Maintaining the water pressure of your business or residential property is necessary, and the plumbing vents are required to keep the drain flow smooth.

The plumbing vents are designed to create a barrier and stop the sewer gasses from entering the property. So, there are 2 types of plumbing vents: a roof vent and a stack vent. Both of the vents are designed for the same purpose, but roof vents are used in large amounts because of the greater efficiency. The roof vents facilitate the ventilation of the entire system with the highest point.

Having proper ventilation of the plumbing system helps you to avoid multiple problems. If the sewer line gasses are not vented properly, it can lead to pipe damage and health problems.

Without proper ventilation, the chances of getting the drain clogged are maximum. This is why expert plumbers from Cali’s Choice Residential Plumbing in Orange County advise the installation of the plumbing vents.

But what if you already have this and are looking for the right replacement time? Do you have poorly vented drain lines? So, in the next section, we have mentioned a few signs that tell that your vented drains are in poor condition.

Take A Complete Look To The Signs Of Damaged Vented Drain Pipes

Damaged or poorly vented drain lines are not effective in moving the wastewater away from the property. A damaged vent pipe can cause problems like a backed-up toilet, overflow drain, and plumbing issues. Upgrading the damaged vent requires substantial work and an experienced team like Cali’s Choice. Consult with our commercial plumbing Orange County experts, and they will tell you how to recover from these situations.

Slow Drainage Issue

Slow drainage is the basic sign of a poorly ventilated drain. If you feel that the water moves freely from the drain pipes and drain sinks, the problem could be the improperly installed inadequate venting. Sometimes, it is also caused due to the clogged drain and blockage in the drain line. If you have already used multiple strategies to resolve the problem of fixing these things but couldn’t find a proper solution, then replace the venting pipe.

Awkward Sounds

When your drainage system is working properly, you never get any sound. If you notice any sound coming from the drain line, then it could be a sign of poor ventilation. Sounds like gurgling coming from the toilets and bathroom sinks can occur when the air can’t pass through the pipe. Ultimately, it creates issues with moving the waste material through the drains.

Sewer Odors

Bad sewer odors can also be caused due to the damaged vent pipe. The drains in the toilet and sink are designed to hold a certain quantity of drained water. It can lead to unpleasant smells when there is no effective air pressure from the vent. To get rid of this smell, inspecting the condition of the plumbing vent is necessary.

Empty Toilet Bowls

Do you notice that your toilet is not refilling even after flushing out? When the water level in the toilet tank suddenly rises and then falls, it indicates a deficiency in the condition of the plumbing vent. When there is not much pressure in the drain line, the water in the toilet tank can flow away. So, without having any second thoughts, you must get aware of this.

Bubbles In The Toilet Tank

Bubbles in the water tank can also be caused due to venting problems in the drain line. These bubbles are mostly produced when the drain pipes can’t get enough pressure and air to balance the internal pressure.

If the plumbing systems in your office are prone to sounds and bad odors, it’s time to call a commercial plumbing Orange County company – Cali’s Choice.

Find out about the causes of the damaged plumbing vents.

Causes Of Plumbing Air Vents You Should Know

Several factors cause problems with the drainage system. The drainage ventilation leads to many worst scenarios that we have already mentioned. Here are the points that cause a malfunction in air vents.

Improper Installation

If the plumbing vents are not properly installed, frequent drain issues occur. The pipe size of the plumbing vent varies depending on the project. The routes through the wall framing also impact the drain performance. Installing a pipe with the wrong technique can cause problems.

Any wrong measure impacts the inlet and outlet of the drainage system. You should hire professional plumbing services when installing ,repairing and cleaning the drain and drain vents. Before installation, it is also necessary to follow the complete guideline of plumbing codes and restrictions based on your area.

Frozen Vent

Sometimes, the plumbing vent can freeze down during extremely cold weather. The water vapor inside the vent freezes up in the cold temperature; later, it blocks the air. It can cause an ultimate imbalance in the drain pressure. In the worst cases, sewer gasses and bad odors can pervade the indoor air. To prevent this, you need to wrap the insulation around the pipe.

Clogged Vent

A clogged vent can also lead to a slow drain and bad odor. Sometimes the vent clogs due to debris, leaves, and other particles. To clean it out, you need to hire plumbing maintenance. It would be great if you schedule a plumbing maintenance program for the residential and commercial places.

Cracks and Corrosion

If the venting pipe has a small leak due to corrosion and crack, it must be repaired. The leaky or cracked venting pipe also causes the plumbing system to fail. Hire a plumber from a professional and trusted company to change the vent pipe.

For any kind of plumbing vent replacement or repair job, DIY repairs can cause a lot of harm. Hire a professional residential and commercial plumbing service provider company like Cali’s Choice.

How To Fix Plumbing Vent Issues?

Blocked vents are really troublesome. It is not easy for most people to identify whether the drain issue is due to plumbing vent clogging or drain clogging. No matter how often you clean your drain, problems reoccur if your vent is damaged!

Clearing the plumbing vent is not easy; it could be dangerous because it can leak harmful gasses. You might end up with unsuccessful results. Consult with experienced residential plumbing Orange County experts or commercial plumbing Orange County experts.

Maintaining the home plumbing system is an essential task for a homeowner, and keeping your plumbing system in working condition is necessary. When you don’t inspect the pipe regularly, you will not be aware of potential issues.

Call Cali’s Choice for residential and commercial plumbing services. This company offers the services of the best plumbers for solving all plumbing issues. When our experts reach your space, they inspect the whole condition and share evidence-based reports with you. We will help you identify the root causes of any plumbing issues and advise the best repairs that come within your budget.


Do you also want to keep your drain in the right condition? If yes, track the status of your plumbing vent. A right plumbing vent can make your drain run faster, smoothly, and in the right condition. When the plumbing vent is installed properly following the local plumbing guidelines, it will be damage-free. Cali’s Choice is a residential and commercial plumbing services company you can always trust! Call us for plumbing repairs.

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