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  • Fast & Accurate Leak Detection
  • Evidence-Based Reports
  • 24/7 Emergency Services Available
  • 100% Adherence To Health And Safety Requirements
  • Tech-Enabled, Latest, Non-Invasive Leak Detection​
  • Free Estimation And Consultation For Repairs
  • Guarantee-Backed Repair & Restoration
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Cali’s Choice is a leading plumbing services company offering services across California for several decades. We have licensed, insured, bonded, and background-checked contractors, plumbers, and technicians offering superior quality services.

If you suspect a slab leak at your home, give us a call without any delay. Our timely support could help you save a lot of money and time. We offer a 24/7 emergency service facility for slab leak detection and repair. Get leak detection done within an hour and put in place the right measures to save money, time, and water.

You will get evidence-based reports about the source of the leak, the extent of the leak, and the state of the plumbing line. We propose various repair options and help you find affordable solutions.

Cali’s Choice slab leak detection experts deliver services with a focus on health and hygiene. Our slab leak specialists follow all the protocols that ensure compliance with the optimum safety and health standards.

Get the satisfaction of 100% reliable, competent, and timely slab leak detection services by contacting Cali’s Choice for slab leak repair services.

Efficient Slab Leak Repair Services

Detailed Leak Detection And Inspection

Cali’s Choice slab leak repair experts are licensed plumbers with extensive training and experience in detecting all kinds of slab leaks. We use high-quality tools.

  • Electronic slab leak detection
  • Electromagnetic pipeline locators
  • Gas tracer systems
  • Video pipe inspection equipment
slab leak detection
slab leak repair

Durable Slab Leak Repair Services

Our slab leak specialists offer trenchless slab leak repair services, slab pipelining services, and direct access repair services. We are also experienced in tunneling under the slab.

Based on the conditions in your property, we guide you on the pros and cons of different slab leak repair options.

We conduct repairs in a fast and efficient manner and clean up everything before we leave. Our services are guarantee-backed. Rest assured of first-time-right repair solutions.

Slab Repiping Services

If you have old slab plumbing pipes that are prone to leaks, it is highly recommended to go for slab repiping. This will enable long-term prevention of slab leak issues.

  • Repiping under the slabs
  • Slab pipe rerouting above ground
slab repiping

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We are open 24/7 throughout the year, including on public holidays. Our customer service teams offer excellent support and enable you to fix appointments based on your requirements. When you book an emergency service request, get a slab leak detection expert at your place within an hour.

We always come well-equipped to deal with any kind of emergency, from leak detection, water removal, and mold removal to repiping and plumbing repair. For friendly, affordable, and professional slab leak repair services, call Cali’s Choice.

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