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The 7 Common Symptoms of Broken Underground Drain Pipes

7 Common Symptoms of Broken Underground Drain Pipes

Summary: As a homeowner, it’s necessary to understand the potential damages that might occur due to broken underground drain pipes. If broken underground pipes are left unrepaired, it increases the chances of bad smells and severe damage. To Drain Cleaning, make a call to Cali’s Choice.


When it comes to household plumbing, we should always be focused on it. The hidden leakage can increase the chances of running water bills and also cause significant damage. Preventing broken underground drain pipes isn’t always straightforward.

If you are a homeowner with zero understanding and experience with plumbing and Drain cleaning in orange county, you need an expert hand. When the broken underground pipes are left untreated, it can lead to bigger health issues. So, it would be ideal to identify and repair leaks as much as possible.

A drain leakage in residential and commercial property is not unhygienic, but it also looks unpleasant. Repairing the hidden drain pipes leakage is expensive, but you can’t ignore it. You can’t understand the problem until you get your utility bills! A high utility bill without resources indicates that you have a hidden sewer line leakage.

If you have any sewer line defects in your space, then be ready to deal with the bigger mess. It’s time to be ready to sniff out the sewer leak with a professional expert. You can take instant action by recognizing and understanding the symptoms of a broken underground pipe.

This blog discussed the importance of a good underground drain pipe, Drain Cleaning, and how it should be repaired.

Does Having A Good Underground Drain Pipe Necessary?

Maintaining a home underground drainpipe is necessary. Every homeowner should be aware of every aspect of the plumbing system. A small leakage can be the reason for investing ten thousand dollars, and it can damage the exterior and interior look of your home. The only way to minimize the severity of these situations is to understand the warning signs. Hiring a professional plumbing drain cleaning specialist from Cali’s Choice can minimize the situation’s severity before it becomes something bigger.

If your sink, toilet, and tub are continuously backing up the leaking dirty sewer lines on the floor, then you need to call an expert. The cracked drain pipe causes this problem in your home & yard. The broken drain pipeline gives a bunch of telltale signs, which you should look for! So, here we share some most common symptoms of broken underground drainpipe that you should address. Let’s check how to tell if sewer pipe is leaking in yard.

The Most Common Symptoms Of Broken Drainpipe

Bad odor of sewer gas:

Have you noticed a strong, strange smell around your space? Does this smell come from the drain? It is easier to ignore, but it can elevate the chances of health issues. Do you want to stay in this kind of unhygienic condition? This is the basic sign that you have a cracked drain pipe!

The household plumbing is in great order and never leaves any odor. So, if you feel that the toxic sewer gas is making its way into your home, you need to make a call a professional plumber. The plumbing experts will visit your space and inspect the overall condition before they repair underground PVC pipe without digging.

Slow drain system:

A slow drainage issue caused due to the blockage in the pipe. Are you struggling with the slow drainage problems? Do you have more than one plumbing fixture in your space? If all the plumbing fixtures are draining slowly, there is a broken sewer line. Sometimes it is also caused by tree roots that have infiltrated the sewer line. The excessive debris and collection of unnecessary wastage also obstruct the flow. Hiring a plumber is an ideal way to deal with this condition.

Corrosion or rust:

Is your home’s plumbing system getting older? When your plumbing system gets older, it starts to be affected because of rust and other forms of corrosion. It can also lead to the chances of a broken sewer line. Corrosion can eat the pipes and damage them, ultimately leading to leakage.

So, if you live in an older space with traditional plumbing systems, it needs to be upgraded soon. Most traditional home has a plumbing system with galvanized steel pipes that only last for 20 years. Therefore, it is suggested to install the brass pipe for the plumbing system because that lasts for 70 years. Additionally, corrosion may occur when the water’s mineral contents or PH condition are imbalanced.

Incorrect pipe installation:

Investing your hard-earned money for a plumbing system requires experienced, high-end plumbers. The plumbing system in a new home should be handled by a professional. Most of the leakage and damage happened because of the bad installation. Incorrect pipe layouts can cause bigger issues. If you suspect the plumbing system was laid improperly, get up and take the right step to repair cracked pipe.

Damaged pipe joints:

The most vulnerable area of the plumbing system is the joints. The joints, made with separate curved pieces, are attached from either side or center, which may be damaged. This damage is produced because of excessive water pressure and high temperature. These issues cause deterioration of the pipe. So, if you suspect any tickling or banging noise from your pipe, be prepared.

Along with that, you should be aware of the underground movements. The growth in tree roots, small earthquakes, and flooding can shift or twist the underground pipes. The small changes or underground movements can bend, twist and crack the pipes. Professional plumbers should only handle this situation. The specialized plumbers of Cali’s Choice will be there to inspect and address the issues. With them, you can understand how to fix broken sewer pipe under house.

High water pressure:

Taking a shower under high pressure makes you feel overwhelmed. But do you know it can damage the plumbing system? When the water hits hard inside your pipes, it can eventually increase the risk of damage to the pipe or leakage. In severe cases, it may lead to a burst. There is a certain pressure that the pipe can handle. So, mostly the faucets and pipes installed in our spaces can withstand the water pressure of 60psi. To inspect this problem, hire a licensed plumber. They will test the water pressure and make adjustments based on that.

Loose water connectors:

Sometimes, the pipes and hoses which supply water to your appliance become loose. It is due to the underground movements and shifting. Do you notice that the water from the supply line forms a puddle around the appliance? If yes, it means there are damaged or loose water connectors.

Apart from these, many more signs tell you are going through the broken underground pipe. A broken sewer line or common sewer line issues can make any lawn soggy & foul-smelling. Have you recently noticed an unusual increase in the activity of rodents?

Rodents can find their way to you from the small underground leakage. If you find wet spots on the walls and floors of your home, it also signifies the water pipe is broken. If you leave the condition as it is for a long time, then it can create mold and mildew.

In addition, it further turns into the biggest reason for allergic reactions and other health issues. The fungi in the mold eat your home’s organic building material, ultimately affecting your home’s interior and exterior. Broken slabs and cracks on the wall are another sign of broken underground drain pipes.

As a homeowner, you should pay attention to all the plumbing requirements of your home. The sudden increment in your water bill, musty smell, and other warning signs described in the above sections are enough to inspect whether you have a plumbing issue or not. To get your system back in working order, you all need to get an appointment from the experts of Cali’s Choice.

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So, you have got a broken underground drain pipe system? What would be the next step if you are going through any plumbing situation? As a responsible owner, you should never ignore the occasional plumbing Drain Cleaning issues. Occasional plumbing issues turn into bigger damages over time.

At Cali’s Choice, you can meet with specialized experts who are experts in modern plumbing technology. We promise to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly at an economical price. When you make an appointment with them, they will reach your space and inspect the condition. After the inspection, they will discuss the problem and strategies to solve them! So, make a call today and book your appointment!

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