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What Are The Indications That Slab Leak Detection Is Required?

What Are The Indications That Slab Leak Detection Is Required

Leaks are common in the home plumbing system. It requires immediate detection and repair. If you suspect any kind of slab leak, hire Cali’s Choice.

How common are slab leaks?

Slab leaks occur in the home’s foundation. This type of leak might initially have zero exterior evidence, and that’s why the chances of water damage are higher. When the slab leak detection is not done on time, the leak could weaken the foundation and cause significant structural damage.

A slab leak is considered one of the most frustrating plumbing problems by homeowners. The leakage is tough to address because it can’t be accessed and fixed by simple methods. You must hire a professional to deal with slab leak problems.

Sometimes the sign of leakage is subtle, and it might leave much damage before it is found. Therefore, it is suggested to slab leak detection regularly through simple measures like tracking the water meter, being alert when you hear the sound of water flowing or hissing somewhere, etc.

Fix slab damage before it turns into something worse. In this blog, we will share information about slab leaks: what causes a slab leak, what are the signs of a slab leak, and how to identify a slab leak.

How Severe Can A Slab Leak Be?

The slab leak can become severe when left untreated for a long time. Over time, the slab leak can damage the property’s foundation or decrease the value. The continuous leakage, insufficient water pressure, and swelling of concrete could affect the slab for stage can lower the stress. You should be concerned and track every possible change happening on your property.

The slab leak issues are mostly seen in older homes, and the most common signs are cracks in the floor, undation. In some worst cases, excessive water damage could become a key reason for severe damage to the foundation.

Recognizing the slab leak problem in the earliedamp spots on the floors, water pooling, and high utility bills. If you notice the damp spots on the floor every time, it indicates the slab leakage.

Feel free to contact Cali’s Choice whenever you find signs of water damage. The knowledgeable and skilled Cali’s Choice plumbers will conduct thorough checks using the right slab leak detection methods.

Why does slab leak happen?

Most traditional or older homes are installed with copper pipes throughout the home. These copper pipes carry water from the main line. Sometimes, during the construction process, slight negligence could lead to some minor damages to these pipes in the form of small dents and creases. Over time these small dents can turn into pinhole leaks.

Another reason for leaks is that the copper lines under the ground are more susceptible to damage because of ground movements. The smallest movement can cause these copper ground pipelines to bend. Later the dirt surrounding the pipe can cause the pipe to break.

Signs Of Slab Leak Which Tells You Need Slab Leak Detection?

If you are living in a home having a slab foundation, it means the plumbing pipes were installed when the concrete slab was poured, and most of the plumbing pipes would be located underneath your home.

When a leak occurs, it starts giving multiple indications to the homeowners. We will briefly discuss those indications. These signs of a slab leak will help homeowners address the issues earlier. It also helps to mitigate the damages and save your additional cost.

So, let’s understand the ten biggest indications of slab leaks and how to identify a slab leak:

A sudden spike in the water bill

Have you gone through the water bills of the last months? Do you find any changes in it? If you feel a sudden hike in your water bill over the last months without the water usage, it means something fishy is there.

When it comes to a slab leak, it means the water has been flowing 24 hours a day. Depending upon the size of the leak, the water bill cost varies. So, if you find any noticeable changes in your regular water bill, it would be better to get slab leak detection done by an expert.

Reduced water pressure

Do you feel the water pressure is reduced over time? When there is a leakage in your plumbing system, the water pressure will automatically go down. Check the faucets and showers and notice if the water pressure is lower than usual. The low water pressure occurs because less water runs through the pipes when there is an active leakage.

Hot spots on the floor

Slab leak occurs in hot water lines; when the hot water leaks out, it can cause hot spots on the floor. It can cause the flooring to become warm and hotter to the touch. Mostly these signs are noticeable when you have linoleum, hardwood, laminate, and other solid flooring types. If you continuously notice that the floors of your space feel warm while walking on it, you can get a slab leak detection done by a plumber.

Wet and damaged floor

When the leaks are severe, they might cause damage to your floor. You should be prepared if you feel the floor is wet or see noticeable signs of spots on the floor and carpets. The darkened and warped appearance indicates you might have slab leak issues.

The inconvenient smell

Do you notice the mold and mildew smell? When the water leaks underneath your home, there is a high chance that the moisture gets trapped. Over time, this moisture can turn into mold and mildew growth. So, if any of you feel a musty smell surrounding you, it might be due to a slab plumbing leak. The mold spores can be dangerous for your health and also harm the property. It can make your wall dirty. It can cause widespread damage, and in that case, you have to spend lots of money on replacing the flooring, drywall, and other parts.

Sounds of rushing water

Do you hear the sounds of rushing water even if all your home’s faucets are closed? If you have been hearing such sounds for a long time, it must be due to a water leak, most probably a slab plumbing leak.

To ensure this, take some time and close all the water sources like the dishwasher, washing machine, filter, etc., and notice if that sound is still present. If the sound is still present, then it’s a clear sign that you have a slab leak issue that needs to be addressed soon by the experts of Cali’s Choice.

Water pooling inside the home

In some cases, you may notice water pooling from the slab leak inside and outside the home. If you also find water pooling in a certain area of your property, you should make a proper investigation. Get a plumbing inspection done.

Movement in foundation

A leaky slab may result in cracks in the foundation in the worst cases. If the problem is not detected promptly, it can reach this position. This is why it is always necessary to detect and repair slab leak issues in good time. Ultimately water leak affects the structural integrity of slabs, and you might need to spend a lot of money to repair such a level of damage. Therefore call the experts at the first sign of a slab leak.

If you also notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your space, call a professional plumber in Menifee offering water leak and slab leak detection services.

How To Fix The Slab Leakage?

Slab leaks are the most complicated plumbing issues to repair. Accessing the problem requires digging into the concrete slab. You must remove the flooring in certain areas for direct access repair. This process also involves uncovering the broken pipes and fixing them. If you need slab leak repair, call the licensed and professional slab leak detection plumber of Cali’s Choice.

The Cali’s Choice slab detection experts come prepared with all the tools for leak detection and repair. They will help diagnose the cause and location of the leak and suggest a viable repair option.

people think that repairing the slab leak involves repiping the whole property. That is not the case. With the right expert, you can find a faster, less expensive way to repair slab leak issues.

Slab foundation leaks are complicated issues that the homeowner shouldn’t ignore. Over time, this slab leak gets worse and worse. The faster you address the slab leak detection problem, the quicker you will receive the solution. Faster slab leak repairing helps you to save more money.

Cali’s Choice is the key to choosing the right plumbing partner for your need. This is a genuine and trusted name in the industry of plumbing systems. Cali’s Choice professionals are known for prominently diagnosing and repairing the slab leak problem. If you live near San Diago, Orange County, and Riverside County, you should schedule an inspection from them.

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