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7 Common Causes Behind Stinky Plumbing Problems

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Nothing is more upsetting than struggling with the nasty smell from the drains. Are you going through the same scenario? Don’t worry; you are not alone! When you smell something bad from your drains, you need to protect your family’s health. This smell could arise because of the clogged pipes, bacteria, and sewer leakage. However, you will get insights into common causes responsible for the stinky plumbing problems in Escondido. So, now you don’t need to plug your nose because this article tells you what steps you should take to prevent this.

Plumbing is a complex process that you need to understand when you own a home. There are hundreds of reasons behind the stinky plumbing problems. If you want to keep away from the bad smells, you need to be protective and notice the small changes in your plumbing-related issues. Continue reading to understand why you need to hire professional plumbing repair services in Escondido is necessary.

The stinky plumbing problem happens anytime at least once in our life. You may wake up on a drizzly morning and smell something fishy inside your home. However, it mostly happens with you on rainy days. In the rainy season, your home smells like the sewer, and that pungent odor reminds you how important it is to consult with same-day plumbing services in Escondido. Now, let’s take a sneak peek at the causes and preventive tips on plumbing problems in Escondido!

What Are The Common Causes Behind Stinky Plumbing Problems?

1. Building Up Of Bacteria:

The build-up of bacteria could cause a particularly pungent smell that alerts you to hire a plumbing repair expert in Escondido. Some people rinse down every waste item in their drains. Are you one of them? Do you also throw hair, dirt, and waste food items in your drain, including washing soap and shampoo? If you are, then stop doing this! These unnecessary waste items move through the pipe and are stuck inside the pipe. As a result, it turns out into an awkward smell! Clearing your pipes from time to time is the best way to get rid of these pungent smells. The experienced plumbers in Escondido will visit your location and clean out the pipes easily!

7 common causes behind of smelly plumbing

2. P-trap Issue:

Do you have any idea about what is p-trap? So, this is the P and U-shaped portion of your pipe that you can find underneath your sink. This is also present underneath the shower and any other plumbing fixtures. This trap is designed to hold the water and to prevent bad odors. But what if this trap is damaged? The P-trap can dry out if you have any sewer and sink that you don’t use frequently. As a result, it can’t stop the bad odors and smell. This case allows the sewer gas to rise through the pipe. A bad, damaged, or dry P-trap can infiltrate your home. Do you want to fix this? Then run the sewer and sinks frequently. Try to run the water and let it drain whenever possible.

3. Clogged Pipes:

The drain system or drain pipe of your home is connected with the large network of the vent pipe. The vent pipe allows the wastewater and bad odors to evaporate while cycling in the fresh air. Overall the vent pipes are designed to keep things fresh throughout the home plumbing. If the vertical vent pipes of your system go down, there is a chance of increasing plumbing-related issues. The vertical vent pipe exits through your home’s roof, which is away from the windows and other vents. If any clog develops inside this, a stinky smell compels you to hire professional plumbing service providers in Escondido. In case the vent pipe of your system is clogged, you need to talk with the professional and resolve the trouble.

4. Garbage Disposal:

Most modern homes are equipped with garbage disposal. It is there in your kitchen sink, which allows you to eliminate the food and organic waste. But due to the lack of maintenance, this device could spell disaster. It is crucial to hire plumbing repair experts in Escondido for regular cleaning. When you have your own house, you need to be attentive to these small things to avoid future problems.

For a long time, the waste food left in the garbage started smelling after a certain time and produced a pungent rotten smell. The simplest way to run out of this problem is to clean the garbage. Leave it under the running water. You can also throw out the ice cubes, citrus peels, and other natural acids to clear the debris and minimize the smell. So the first thing you need for eliminating the stinky smell from your space is to unplug your disposal and wash it with hot water.

5. Breaching Problem:

Another most concerning reason or the possibility behind the stinky plumbing problem is pipe breaching. This situation happens when the pipes have so many cracks and holes. As a result of the high-pressure clogs and the tree roots, the water line started sinking from the ground level. When the sewer line is broken, it starts leaking that stinks a lot.

So, are you noticing a strong sewer smell coming out from the drain? If you are, this is the sign of the sewer breach. In this stage, the common changes that you will notice are the gurgling drains, clogging toilets, and pest problems. There is nothing such hacks or DIY steps you can take to get back to a normal life. This is where the stinky leak detector comes into the frame. Get help from emergency plumbing repair services in Escondido to resolve the problem as soon as possible to avoid huge expenses.

6. A Damaged Sump Pump:

Are you smelling something fusty from the basement of the sump pump? Does the wastewater flow directly into the sump pump? Sometimes, we directly flow the washing machine’s water through the sump pump instead of the main sewer line. As a result, dirt collects in the sump pump and causes a bad smell. You can minimize the smell by reducing the amount of pipe that drains into the sump pump. Make sure you have the proper fitting cap over the top to stop the spreading of rotten smells.

7. Grease:

The stinky smell is also produced when something like grease and fat gets stuck in your kitchen sink drain! Therefore it is important never to pour grease down the drain. To recover from this situation, you can try some DIY hacks. You can mix two tablespoons of baking soda with vinegar and pour it into the sink. Keep it some time and wash it off with hot water. This DIY solution will eat the junk and eliminate all the grease, so you don’t suffer from any stinky plumbing problems in Escondido.

Having the right drain trap installed correctly is another thing to consider to prevent the bad smell.

Is This Stinky Smell Or Sewer Gas Dangerous?

Yes, stinky smells and sewer gas can cause breathing and many health issues. It can be quite dangerous if it is not addressed properly. The sewer gas is a combination of multiple gases and compounds. Some of the gas that contributes to this has a high level of toxicity, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, and all. These are harmless for humans and explosive too. The common symptoms of sewer gas are foul odor, fatigue, dizziness and nausea, headaches.

This can put you and your family in danger. If left untreated and unaddressed, it can cause long-term health issues. To get rid of this smell, you can try some preventive tricks, but it can damage the sewer line if it doesn’t stop the smell. It can cause serious damages that need high amounts to resolve. If you don’t want to stick to this issue, you need immediate action. It can damage the foundation, so you need to consult with an emergency plumbing repair service in Escondido as soon as possible.

When To Call The Experts For Help?

When addressing the foul smell in the home, you need to prevent it. Here we suggest the few preventive measures that the plumbers take when they first visit you! When you hire experienced plumbing repair services in Escondido, they will help you find the root cause and how to deal with this.

If you don’t want to agonize over the potentially hazardous situation, you need to call the specialist plumbing experts. They can fix this in the lowest possible time without causing any inconvenience. The expertise uses various tools and techniques to get their job done in the lowest period. They use various tools like odor sniffing detection tools, electronic surveying, and thermal imaging camera. So, are you also going through the pungent smell when it’s raining outside or anytime inside the home? If yes, you need to hire experts to detect and resolve the issue!

Hiring expert plumbers in Escondido will ensure that the water stays in the sweet trap. Is there any fixture that you rarely use or not at all? The plumbers will suggest the best affordable tips to prevent the traps. They will clean the clogged drains so that the wastewater will flow away properly.

To prevent the clogged drain, you need to remove drain stoppers and clean the debris. The pipe waste cleaner also helps to give quick results. You should stick this down to the drain and pull out all the debris inside. The emergency plumbers in Escondido will check each water line and pipe of your residential space and suggest which best suits your plumbing problems.


Dealing with the stinky plumbing problem is not easy. The bad stinky smell can make anyone ill and suffocate. Bad smells harm your physical health and damage your financial health and reputation. If you want to avoid the above-discussed scenario, hire expert plumbers in Escondido today and get the best solution from them.

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