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What Is The Significance Of Conducting Slab Leak Detection As Soon As Possible?

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Plumbing issues or problems in the pipeline of your house can put your life at a halt. Imagine having a meeting in an hour while you notice water seeping out of the pipeline in your washroom. Such problems are very real!

A leakage in the pipeline of your house may seem very normal, but it can give vent to more extraordinary nuances. If the lower portion of your sink remains wet most of the time, it is concerning, and you need to conduct a test to detect any leak in the slab.

Slab leak refers to leakage in the water pipeline that runs beneath the concrete portions of your house. You need to call professionals who will conduct a slab leak detection in your house and help you leak-proof your home. What can be the early signs of detecting slab leaks? You will notice wet patches in different parts of the house. Detection of slab leak involves advanced technology; therefore, you need professional help to figure this problem out.

Before we get into the ins and outs of slab leak detection, we need to understand what causes slab leaks, how to identify them, and finally move on to how to fix the problem. Read on to find out.

Why does slab leak happen?

While buying a house, a well-managed, interconnected pipeline is the last thing that one pays attention to. Plumbing issues are extremely bothersome, and some may not even be easy to identify. You do not have control over a slab leak in your house, and they can creep in despite proper planning. Listed below are some of the common causes why slab leaks happen:

Corroding of pipes:

Sometimes, buildings may have old pipelines. This may be a major cause of corrosion. As time passes, particles from the soil, deposition of sediment, and other components may cause the water pipes to degrade. This leads to pinholes that may look small but are strong enough to wreak havoc and pose serious damage to the concrete slab in your house.

When the foundation of your house is poor:

Leaky slabs are more common in buildings that have faulty foundations. Do you have a huge tree next to your house? The roots of the trees can also reach up to the foundation of your house and pull the moisture from the soil. This will result in the contracting of the soil. After this, if the foundation of the house cracks or moves, it can result in slab leakage.

Water pressure:

When the water flowing through the underground pipes runs with too much pressure, it may result in cracks and leaks. This problem is more prevalent in areas with clay soil because the soil has the property of contracting when dry and expanding when wet. When such shifts in a foundation occur, considerable pressure is put on the pipes and slabs. When water flows through the great pressure inside the pipes, it leads to vibration. Pipes are, sometimes, next to complex areas like gravel, concrete, etc. As a result, holes are formed in the pipes and leakage.

Identifying a slab leakage

If you are able to locate a slab leakage early, you will be able to save a great deal of effort and money that would otherwise be spent on repairing or re-piping.

Therefore, before the problem takes a grave turn, here are some signs that you need to look for in your home. You can also call for expert help if you want to perform slab detection in Murrieta. Some of the common signs of a problem in your plumbing system are as follows:

Pooling water:

If you notice water pooling around your house’s foundation, it may indicate that there is a leakage in the pipes of the foundation of the home. You need to identify puddles of water inside the building.

Sound of dripping water:

If you can hear the sound of running water but you do not notice any leaking faucet, the chances are that your house needs plumbing services. The sound won’t be very prominent, so you have to be extra careful if you wish to hear any such noise.

Mold or odor:

If there is a leakage in your house that has been for a long time, the chances are that the dampening will lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which will eventually lead to a foul odor. Therefore, it is essential to repair the leak urgently and dry the nearby areas.

Crack in walls:

Do you notice damp spots in your house without exactly knowing their source? Sometimes, some parts of your floor mat feel warm. This may be another alarming sign that your plumbing system needs inspection. The water that runs under the house causes the soil to erode, thereby removing the slab’s support and straining the walls and the slab.

Warm spots on floors:

Sometimes, some parts of your floor mat feel warm. This may be because of a problem with the hot water line. If you cannot find out the source of the leakage, you need to seek help from an expert. The professional will investigate the issue for you.

Keep a check on the water bill:

Nothing comes for free, not even the water you use. Has your water bill suddenly gone up? If you find your water bill increasing without increasing your consumption, you need to be worried, and you should probably start looking for leaks in your plumbing system.

Reduced water pressure:

Is the pressure of water running out of your kitchen sink inadequate? When there are leakages in your slab foundation, less water runs through the pipes. This causes the water pressure to get reduced and causes trouble.

These are some blaring alarms that show that your pipeline network needs to be attended to. If you start getting these signals, you will have to schedule an appointment with a professional plumber and seek expert help.

Steps to fix the problem

Plumbing issues should be identified at the earliest and fixed so that the situation does not worsen over time and the small crack in the window does not cause the entire window to come crashing down. Here are a few steps that professional plumbers follow to conduct a water leak repair after the slab leak detection in Murrieta:

Trenchless plumbing repair:

Your contractor will have to frame access holes to resolve this issue. This method does not pose much threat to the house, and it is also very cost-effective. Therefore, this is one of the most commonly opted methods for slab repairing. The professionals will use epoxy pipe liners and seal the broken pipe. A camera is used to assess the extent of damage in the pipe and fathom the seriousness of the problem. If it is possible to use trenchless repair to fix the issue, the pipe will be cleaned, and an epoxy pipe liner will be placed over it. It takes only a few hours to finish the entire task.


When your household involves multiple pipelines, professional plumbers often choose re-piping. This method includes the installation of new pipelines to create a leak-free system. The re-routing process will require the professional plumber to demolish all the installed pipes and replace them. This time-consuming procedure depends on how efficiently your plumber is working. The rehaul calls for breaking through the walls and the slabs. While you opt for this process, you may have to leave your house and stay somewhere else as long as the work goes on.


Most people, who wish to keep their house flooring intact, will opt for tunneling as a repairing method. The professional plumber keeps the mess away from home so that your home does not suffer any damage during the repairing process. The plumbers will dig the tunnels underneath the flooring of your house without damaging the infrastructure. This will help to accomplish the repairing task and make the necessary changes. Later, the soil which was removed is also restored.


Imagine having to spend a complete day without water; your routine will come to a halt! While some of these problems may be easy to identify, others may require the intervention of a professional. When dealing with water leak, make sure you identify the problems at the earliest because a stitch in time saves nine!

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Therefore, it is ideally suggested to nip the problem in the bud and get rid of the stress that might accumulate in the future!

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