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How do you restore water damage to your home!

water damage restoration process in residential property

Once your home gets damaged by water, whether it’s flooded water, leaky pipes, or a natural disaster, restoring your home to normal is a tough task. For this, you need proper guidance and help from a professional to restore your house. Most of the water damage repairs of parts in Mission Viejo need quick fixing, while some of the sections need professionals to fix them.  

Here in this blog, we are going to take you through important points to consider during the water damage assessment of a house after water damage in Mission Viejo.

11 Things To Consider When You Restore Your Property From Water Damage

Contact Your Insurance Company

If your house has serious water damage, check your house insurance claim to see what kind of water damage repairs in Mission Viejo is covered in the policy.

The first thing you should do is call the insurance company for an inspection. Click photos and videos of your whole house to have proof of damage. Once you get the complete inspection of your property, check out the insurance claims policy. The insurance company sends out a claim adjuster to inspect the whole house. Assess your damaged stuff and valuable documents to show to the claim adjuster. Verify your damaged stuff and valuable properties with the company’s claim adjuster to assess your loss. Match their policy documents with your current damaged claims and submit your money recovery documents to the insurance company.

Most of the insurance companies don’t cover flood damage restoration in Mission Viejo under their policy. So briefly talk with the insurance company before you sign the water damage recovery policy. Lastly, inform the government administration about flood or water damage in your house.

Check Reason With Water Damage Assessment

Check out the reason behind your house being damaged due to water. Whether it’s flooded water damage, leaky pipes damage, sewage flooding water, or rainwater damage, they are capable of potential damage. Once you assess the damage type, start stopping the water resources from entering your house. Quickly hire the professional to clear out your house mess.

Take The Safety Measures First To Avoid Any Incidents For You & Your Family

  • Turn off the major electricity source of your house. So there is no major short circuit that can take place. Plug out every electrical appliance from the switch to keep it safe. Cut out every possible electric power that goes through wet areas. If you are not able to cut out power due to water or house wetness, call a professional electrician to do the electrical work.
  • Wear dress protection before entering the house like rubber shoes, gloves, helmet, and safety band. Due to flooded water, the chances of falling house materials are high. A safety guard dress will protect you from injuries and also from bacterial water infection.

Remove & Shift All Household Content From Wet Areas To A Safe Place

As water flooded into the house, all the major households were likely to get wet or damaged. So check out all the major stuff like wooden furniture, sofas, carpet, utensils, fridge, washing machine, sleeping bed, metal & plastic stuff. Take them out from wet places to dry areas and try to soak out water from them as soon as possible. Take out all the essential paper documents, photos, and clothes from wet to dry place. Pack all the core household stuff into plastic or a box, and place it outside the house. Once you remove all the stuff from home, you are ready to clean up the whole space.

Clean Up The Whole Waterhouse Dirt And Make Your House Toxic-free

Firstly, wipe out all the muddy water from your house and remove dirt from every corner of your house. Clean up the walls & top ceiling of your house with fresh water and scratch all the muddy specks of dirt. Use buckets or plastic tubs to throw outstanding water from the house. After removing the whole stand-out water, start to sanitize the whole house. Spray anti-toxic bacterial medicine to kill the bacterial infection. You can start with a bleach solution or phosphate solution to disinfect your house areas. If there is excess water-dirt available in the house due to black water, call out the professional water damage cleanup in Mission Viejo to clean up your entire house.

Start The Drying Process Of House

Once you remove the standing water, it’s time to dry out the whole house as quickly as possible. Open your doors and windows to let in fresh air to soak the humidity. If possible open up the fans & exhausts to dry out the surface. Use a dry vacuum to soak up the wetness of the subfloor. If a heating system is available, use it for quickly removing the moisture & heating up the house. It’s important to start the drying process in the first 24 hours and complete the drying process within 2-3 days.

Remove & Replace Porous Material

First, remove the installed wooden floors, which may get salvaged after excess water retention. Check and replace the affected section of the subfloor submerged layers. However, before installing new layers of subfloor, you should check out the warping situation of the floors. Also, make sure there is no dampness or wetness available on the floor layers. Remove all the wood board sections which are fitted into the house, likely to get swallowed during water hit.

Call a professional carpenter to do all kinds of wooden repairs for your damaged house. 

If the subfloor is made up of concrete, try to heat the floor to soak up the wetness. 

Also, check under the sheet layer flooring of the house. If more water is absorbed, remove the entire sheet from the floor. To lose out on the adhesive nature of floors, call out technicians to fix them.

Protect Your House From Molds & Mildews

Mold and mildew growth is something that comes up with water. Mold starts to grow in the first 24 hours of water damage in the natural atmosphere. To prevent your house from mold and mildew, try to reduce all the moisture & wetness of the air conditioner with a dehumidifier, heat circulation appliances, air fans, and a drying machine. You need to be careful about spreading mold spores while drying out things. 

For the small section of mold areas, you can cut out or remove the material from the original place. If there are serious mold issues, contact the professional to perform the water damage assessment and repair in Mission Viejo.

Start Caulking And Painting

Once you are done with the drying process, start to put out the caulk material where you found the leakage. Seal that section with caulk product if there is small destruction. Use silicone caulk in wooden material to provide high moisture avoidance. Use adhesive caulk to fix the broken pieces of pipes, windows, and door caulk of the wooden section. 

Start to paint the whole house to provide new strength to your house. Painting offers a new coat to the wall, which helps increase the lifespan of concrete walls.

Check Out Plumbing & Electrical System

Now, it’s time to check out the bathroom section and water system of your house. If there are any broken joints in your pipes or a crack in the water flow system, hire the professional plumber to fix it. Also, check out the electric supply section, wires, and electric power joint for electricity. However, you should avoid doing it by yourself. It is better to call out a professional electrician to fix your electrical problems. Plumbing and electrical fixture require professional expertise to avoid any incidents.

Settling Back In The House

Once you get the clearance from local authorities, your construction company, or your insurance company, get ready to settle back in the house.

Now your house is ready for settling back with all the stuff after water damage restoration. By checking all points of assurance like mold, broken ceiling, moisture, cleaning & drying of house, you can now move in without any hesitation.

Time is crucial when you experience water damage. Ensure you tick the complete checklist as soon as possible to restrict the structural damage and safeguard your health. Connect with a professional flood damage restoration company instantly and get the precise solutions for a burst pipes, flooded basements, and more. They will send an experienced team in a few minutes to accommodate your issues and bring your home to a livable condition.

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