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How To Fix An Overheating Electric Water Heater?

Fix Electric Water Heater

Showering under blistering hot water can never be soothing. But if you also have a heater supplying too-hot water, stay alert! Ignorance can lead to scalding burns on your skin. Mainly in winters, you must take precautions to keep your water heater in a good state.

Once you notice your water heater exceeding the water temperature limit, you must contact Cali’s Choice professionals for water heater repair in Fountain Valley. Resolving the water heater issue sooner can prevent considerable damage to your water heater.

You can also resolve water heater issues by yourself in case the problem is minor, and you have the experience to handle such problems. The following topics will guide you in fixing overheating electric water heaters.

Causes Of Overheating Electric Water Heater & Its Solution

Suddenly, your water heater is heating too much hot water because the temperature setting is too high., a malfunctioned thermostat, sediment or high mineral content, and the faulty pressure release valve is blocked. All these issues can increase the water temperature substantially and can cause severe injuries as well.

The primary reasons and its solution for overheating electric water heaters are in the following line.

1. Temperature Setting is Too High

Sometimes the issue is within the electric water heater settings, bringing a sudden spike in water heater temperature. To simply put, water heaters have a dial indicator that you need to spot first.

These indicators allow users to control the water heater’s temperature to the desired limit. Typically, the dial is set between 90 to 120 – degrees Fahrenheit. At times people set the temperature too high, which may cause a problem. So re-adjust the dial and lower down the temperature as per your requirements.

Causes Of Overheating Electric Water Heater

2. Malfunctioning Water Heater Thermostat

Thermostat intends to control the heating sequence of the heating elements. It turns the element off and on based on the set temperature. If the thermostat is out of calibration or broken, it can lead to irregular heating and high water temperature.

The thermostat comes with a red reset button which works as a safety feature. In case of malfunction, safety features get triggered if the thermostat fails to turn off the power to the heating elements during a usual cycle.

However, if the thermostat does not work properly, then the heating element will continue to heat the water. It may lead to unsafe temperature levels and can cause severe damage. With professional help, you can replace the thermostat.

3. Pressure Relief Valve Blocked

A pressure relief valve could be another reason for uncontrollable water temperature. Ensure you check the pressure release valve. The system is an arrangement inside the water heater, which helps extra produced steam within the water heater to escape.

If the valve is blocked, there are high chances that the water heater will give excessive hot water. The issue can be severe if the problem is left unnoticed as the steam will keep stored inside, which may sometimes lead to the blast of the water heater.

Once you identify such issues, call an expert immediately because such problems are dangerous. Cali’s Choice professionals have the expertise to resolve this challenge, and their water heater repair services are available in Fountain valley easily.

4. High Mineral Content

If you find high mineral content in the water, it can severely affect the heating elements of the system. The problem is quite common in areas where minerals in water aren’t removed during the water purification process.

Due to this, when the water heater system heats the water, it may cause minerals to clump together. Similarly, these minerals later settle in the bottom of a tank, affecting the water heating elements in the long run.

However, this particular issue sometimes obstructs the mechanism of the water heater and makes it harder to work for the machine. But in most circumstances, this leads to overheating the water in the system.

The plumber replaces all these affected elements if the issue is caused by mineral accumulation. However, a cleaning procedure might help you get rid of the problem. Yet, it is advisable not to do the repairing on your own if you have no prior specialization.

Some Additional Tips For Overheating Prevention And Water Heater Repair

We hope you have found a solution to firmly tackle the issue of overheating in the electric water heater. Let’s take a look at a few other common water heater crises and how to get rid of them all –

Water leaks

Water leaks are a pervasive issue in water heater devices. Poor plumbing connections and leaking valves trigger the problem. Yet, leakage in the tank is also possible if you own an electric water heater of a not-so-good quality or a decade old. Loose elements or unnecessarily tightened connections might be causing trouble. If it is a corroded tank, replace it with a new one as it can’t be repaired. If the leakage doesn’t end, turn off the water supply and call the best plumber from Cali’s Choice for water heater repair in Fountain Valley.

Rust Colored Water

A brownish or sometimes red-colored water in taps signifies that rust has accumulated either in the valves or tubes of the water heater that needs to be cleaned. In most events, the water from taps begins to smell like a rotten egg which is surely unhealthy for consumption and external body use.

But if the water heater is newly purchased, perhaps the plumbing system might be a problem. Thus, call a plumber or replace or repair the plumbing system causing this issue.

Noise In Tank

Noise in the tank indicates that your electric water heater is close to its maturity or needs maintenance. So buy a new one rather than seek a replacement. But in most events, despite the device being new, it still sounds like a popping or rumbling noise that can be heard from a considerable distance.

Corrosion or rust buildup at the bottom of the tank can lead to this unwanted noise, but malfunctions are also possible. Luckily if the warranty period is active over the water heater, get it repaired or replaced by the company.

Anode Rod

Check your electric water heater anode rod regularly. Anode rod draws the rust and impurities which are present in the water, and if the water is hard, impurities quantity will be more. Experts of Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration recommend that you should check the anode rod regularly. If needed, then you may have to replace the anode rod.

Electrical Connections And Switches

Electrical connections and switches supplying power to your water heater can be a subject of concern. If it is old or exposed to short circuits, or water it may cause more problems. The problem can impact the overall functionality of your water heater.

In most events, the water heater is running on higher load electricity because the switches and connections are not supplying the appropriate electricity needed to operate the device successfully. Similarly, an overheating issue is likely to occur.

Switched On For An Extended Time

In most events, kids and family members at home forget to switch off the water heater but keep it on for an extended time frame which isn’t a good thing. After all, it is a machine, and keeping it on for more than its limit will undoubtedly impact its overall functionality.

It may also cause overheating of the electric water heater. And not just overheating but any significant damage probability gradually increases when you put your electric water heater on for more than its regular daily limit. So consider using a water heater below its standard limit.

If not feasible, do not set the heating dial to its highest limit; use only moderately heated or lower heated water settings to avoid severe impact over the water heater.

Replace Plastic Inlets and Outlets

Replacing plastic inlets and outlets with a metal one is also a good practice to ensure the water heater keeps working and delivers excellent quality water.

Metals inlets and outlets are essential and advisable as they are more resistant to heat than regular plastic in water heater systems. Metal inlets and outlets are prone to rust; thereby, maintain them properly. If all these things are kept in mind, metal inlets and outlets can give your water heater an improved life. For proper water heater maintenance and repair, you can contact Cali’s Choice professional.

Get an Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance of your water heater is extremely important because you can identify potential risks sooner. Experts review your water heater system thoroughly, check its overall functionality, including the plumbing network.

Thorough maintenance and inspections take a lot of effort when it comes to an annual assessment of a water heater device. This step ensures your water heater keeps supplying the best quality water throughout the winter. Mainly, if you live in Fountain Valley, where winter is harsh, make sure you seek water heater repair service from Calis’s Choice professionals.


Overheating in an electric water heater can invite hazardous consequences at home. Mainly if you have small kids or pets, it’s worth paying early attention to the problems. An overheating water heater can cause challenges besides increasing your bills each month. If extremely hot water or steam is coming out of faucets or you hear a boiling sound inside a tank, do not hesitate to call Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration experts for a water heater repair service.

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