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Point Use of Water Heater: Things to Know

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Water heaters have become such an unavoidable appliance in our day-to-day lives that we forget how hazardous a problem in the water heater can become if not properly taken care of. It’s hard to realize how such a simple instrument can cause harm to you or your family so easily. A small problem in the water heater, such as a gas leak or water leak from the tank, can become hazardous in an instant. Regular checks, annual maintenance, and immediate action when you notice a problem can save you from any kind of harm.

You might think that a water heater is pretty easy to use, and no doubt it is, but along with the proper use, it also needs proper care and maintenance to ensure that it doesn’t cause any problems in the future. To maintain the appliance and for safe use, here are a few things you should know when using a water heater:

Things To Remember When You Use A Water Heater

The Lifespan Of A Water Heater

If you have recently moved to a new house and you already have a water heater in your laundry room or basement, you might wonder if the water heater needs a replacement. You might want to check first with the landlord or the person you bought the house from. But if they’re unsure too, you will need the water heater to be checked by a professional water heater repair service.

The lifespan of a tank-based water heater is usually 8 to 12 years, while that of a tankless water heater can be even longer, up to 20 years. In addition, electric and gas water heaters have varying lifespans, but generally speaking, gas ones typically last 8-12 years, whereas electric ones are likely to last for 10-15 years.

When you get an appliance checked by a professional water heater service company, they will make sure to upgrade the device and check for a warranty if you need a water heater replacement. Moreover, with a quick checkup of your appliance, you can be assured of no future hazards or trouble from it. A lot of water heater repair companies provide annual checkups and even help you repair the damage caused by your appliance. It’s always the best idea to leave it for the professionals when it comes to water heater installation, repair, or maintenance.

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The Current Level Of Efficiency Of The Water Heater And How To Increase It

The regular use of a water heater can easily deteriorate its functioning over time. Be it for hot showers or laundry, not using hot water is an inevitable task in our daily lives. If you have noticed any signs of your water heater deteriorating, there are many ways you can check the device’s efficiency before calling a plumber.

You can measure a water heater’s efficiency by comparing the amount of hot water produced and the amount of electricity or gas used to produce it. You will need a good amount of time and calculations to measure the efficiency of your water heater. The lower efficiency of the appliance can be a result of sediments stuck in the tank or the use of high temperatures for showers or baths. The best way to improve the functioning of the water heater is by getting annual professional maintenance of the unit. When a replacement of the unit can seem a costlier option, you can always opt for maintenance or checkup by a professional water heater repair service.

A few measures that you can take to improve the situation include lowering the heating temperature, using the right size for the amount of water needed, checking regularly for sediments in the tank, and insulating the tank and pipes. If you have had a water heater with a tank for a long time, you can always invest in a tankless electric water heater. It ensures you the benefits of modern safety technology and the latest and highest efficiency a water heater can possibly give. To maximize efficiency, it is best to hire pros for tankless water heater repair and maintenance.

The Amount And Kind Of Maintenance A Water Heater Needs

Water heaters often work without any maintenance for years, so they are easy to neglect. However, a few minutes spent on water heater maintenance once a year can extend the tank’s life span while keeping your device safe and efficient. A water heater has only a few parts, so lesser maintenance is required, as compared to other appliances in your house.

There are several ways you can service the water heater on your own and improve its efficiency, like cleaning the tank once in a while. You can also insulate the pipes and tank for extra safety. When going on a vacation or leaving the water heater unused for a long period of time, you must put it on vacation mode to avoid any hazards in your absence. You should keep the heating temperature at a normal level to the extent your water heater can handle it.

Regular checkups of the device can help you keep the water heater up to date to utilize the most out of it. A device that comes in use regularly must also be taken care of regularly, so do not overuse it or decrease its life expectancy. You should also use a water heater only for the amount of water it can handle too much load or pressure on the unit can make it deteriorate faster than expected. A water heater only requires proper maintenance and cleaning once a year if you take proper care.

When To Replace The Water Heater Unit?

A replacement can always come out to be costlier than maintenance or replacement of a part of the system. Depending on the amount of time your unit has gone through, experts decide if a replacement is necessary or not. If you have a water heater with the tank and it has been working for more than ten years, you might probably need a replacement very soon, unless the unit is working perfectly fine.

If you have noticed symptoms like high water bills and reddish water or you have incurred a lot of repairs, you should consider replacing the unit with a whole new piece. Corrosion of pipes, poor condition of the tank, and breaks in pipes can cause the water to come out red or the tank to leak water. Also, it can let gas leak out of the water heater. You would never want to put yourself or your family in the dangerous condition of pools of water in your home or a gas leak. You should always keep all your electrical appliances checked annually and maintain their condition regularly.


Whenever you come across a problem with your water heater or any electrical appliance in your home, you should always call for professional help. In emergency services like a gas leak from the water heater, you should immediately call for a water heater repair company to avoid any risks. When in need of a water heater replacement, you should consider a checkup of your unit, if it really needs to be changed. As many modern homes have a tankless water heater, the repair of it becomes more complex, and an electric water heater can actually give you fatal shocks. To avoid all of these safety hazards, always leave it to the professionals, even when it comes to a new water heater installation.

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