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How Does A Plumber Unclog a Sewer Line With Drain Cleaning Service?

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There is nothing worse than finding the clogged kitchen and bathroom sink draining system. Of course, the drain clogging is not just confined to the sink and bathroom only; you can find it in the toilet drain system, under the bathtub, and even in washing machines.

The worst is clogged in the toilet drain system as it requires expert plumbers who can provide the drain cleaning solutions to get rid of issues. Many people think that they can do drain cleaning and get rid of the clogging condition on their own.

However, this is not true because to unclog a drain, you need to use advanced equipment and tools. Mostly, you don’t have such tools at home to unclog the clogged drain. So, if the condition is worse, don’t try to do it on your own, as you may only damage your drainage system.

The professional drain cleaning service in Orange County use advanced tools and unclog your drain system very quickly. Let’s have a look at the drain cleaning services.

What Are the Reasons for Drain Clogs?

Before you jump to have the drain cleaning services, it is vital to know about the causes of the drain clogs.

  • Flushing of too many toilets paper into the drainpipe
  • Disposing of the garbage into the drainage pipe of the kitchen sink
  • Sinks also get clogged due to hair trapping

These are some reasons why you need to have drain cleaning services. Clogging is terrible for the drain environment and also bad for plumbing. Apart from this, regular harmful chemicals can also damage the drain pipes. This is why you need to get rid of clogging to maintain the water flow into the sink.

How The Professional Drain Cleaning Services Provider Clean Your Drain?

Drain cleaning solution provides locating the clogged sewer lines easily. The sewer lines can get clogged due to cooking grease oil, hairs, and other things. Some drain systems are clogged so densely as it requires special equipments to clean them.

The professional drain cleaning services provide various tools that help clear clogs and use advanced technological methods to clean them. From pipe wrenches to hydro-jetting and blow torches machines, they boast so many equipments that help them deal with even the most tricky clogged drain system.

Start With Pipe Inspection

The foremost thing that professional drain cleaning services providers do is physical inspection, and they will conduct multiple inspections to detect the faults and drain clogging. Once the inspection is done, they’ll use several methods to repair the clogged pipes and get rid of the drain clogging.

Here are a few more ways with which they can efficiently deal with clogged drains.

1. Motorized Drain Snake

A motorized drain snake is deployed onto the job site when a blockage is detected to be deeper down the gutter pipe than the conventional snake permits or is too firm to move without help. With the extra contortion and constant spinning of an electric motor, powered snakes may reach as deep as 150 feet into the ground.

The most successful application of motorized drain snakes is to clear clogs formed by tree root penetration, although they may also be used to clean oil, food scraps, and sewage jams. Motorized drain snakes may exacerbate a bad plumbing scenario; for example, if your pipelines are old and rusted, employing a motorized drain snake might rip off chunks of metal, exacerbating the block.

2. Manual Draining

The manual draining snake, often known as the drain auger and plumber snake, is used to unclog the drainage system. This is a small drain unclogging tool with which the professional drain cleaning service provider manually rotates it into the clogged drain system and physically pushes the clogged part.

Its terminal end is like a corkscrew-shaped hook that helps remove the clog quickly. The rotation of the hook is helpful to remove even the toughest drain clog very easily. Also, the manual draining snake helps handle the minor clogs, passing through the debris, and dislodging debris through the sewer system.

This would be sufficient to clear the minor blockages and unclog the drain system very quickly.

3. High-Definition Sewer Line Camera

If your plumber had not successfully used a motorized snake to unclog a drain or sewage line, it might mean there’s a total blockage deeper down your sewage line. The high-definition slither camera is among the most recent technological developments that have greatly aided the plumbing business.

It’s a game-changer to examine within a pipe structure and figure out what’s causing your drain obstruction. Your plumber can identify the best instruments and most basic technique for the task by understanding precisely where a blockage is and what it’s composed of before fixing it.

4. Hydro Jetting Machine Usage

Clogged drains are very annoying, especially when it causes spillage and mess into your area. Some clogged drains are so bad you need extra tools and pressure to get rid of the clogged drains. The professional drain cleaning services provider uses hydro jetting machine usage, which can easily flush away even the difficult clogs.

The hydro jets machines can generate enormous pressure per square inch that helps to eliminate the traces of the clogs and make your drainage system like a new one. This method is very effective in cleaning all forms of clogs and works in every drainage system.

5. Cable Cleaning

Cable cleaning is effective for both minor and major plumbing projects. To cut through blockages, these devices use rotating blades just at the end of a cable. The blades will also aid in the scraping of residue from the pipes.

Cable cleaners come in various shapes and sizes, including sectional, continuous, and drum cable cleaners.

Multiple cables, up to Fifteen feet in length, are used in sectional cable cleaners. These devices are frequently chosen because they are less dangerous to use, and shorter cables have the advantage of being easier to repair if they kink or split.

6. Drain Auger

The drain auger is a device that is comparable to the drainage snake. Drainage snakes are most commonly used to unclog blocked sinks and small drains. Larger pipes, such as those in the toilet or shower, require drain augers. Drain augers, like drainage snakes, come in both manual and powered versions.

How To Prevent Drain Clogging?

  • Clean your sinks weekly with hot water. It will help to prevent the deposition of dirt and debris.
  • Use chemicals to remove the clogged sinks.
  • Install a filter on the nozzle, so no hair and other particles get into the drainage system
  • You can use baking soda to clean the clogged pipes.
  • Call for the experts to clean the clogged pipes. They have professional tools that help to remove even the toughest clogged pipes.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best ways that professional drain cleaners use to clean the drainage system in Orange County. Always call professional drain services for a prompt solution to clean the drain and unclog it. Do not clean by yourself as it may damage the drainage system. Also, it can affect your health.

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