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Five Types of Plumbing Tools You Need in Your Home Toolbox

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Homeowners interested in managing a range of plumbing jobs on their own would need some plumbing tools. There are, however, so many tools available that it might be confusing to choose the key plumbing tools that homeowners must-have.

We have listed six types of plumbing tools. Depending on the type of plumbing systems and fixtures you have at home, you could choose what is most appropriate in each category.

It is definitely a good idea to take a professional opinion from an expert offering plumbing services in Irvine when you are not 100% sure about the success of the plumbing job you want to undertake. While some kind of plumbing repairs are easy to manage and amateurs can handle them well, not all are as easy as they seem. In case you are faced with a water leak, a water heating issue, a sewer line issue, consult an expert in emergency plumbing repair in Irvine.

1. Plungers

Clogged pipes are among the most common plumbing problems. It is, therefore, good to have a plunger – an extremely useful plumbing tool to open blocked drains. There are different types of plungers.

Cup Plungers

These plungers are mostly applied to flat surfaces and referred to as sink plungers. This plunger creates a positive pressure when the cup is forced down and negative pressure through a vacuum effect when pulled away from the fixture.

Flange Plungers

Flange plungers are mainly useful for toilets but can be used for other surfaces too. Ensure that you do not use the same plunger on both toilets and sinks, as that could pose a lot of health risks through contamination.

Accordion Plungers

This kind of plunger is made from hard plastic and useful for toilets, but not very easy to use.

2. Plumber’s Drain Snake And Hand Augers

When clogs are deeper down and not near the surface, a drain snaking tool or a hand auger will be necessary to clean the pipe. If you are faced with a major drain clogging issue, call a professional offering plumbing repair in Irvine. These tools can come in handy if you want to conduct regular inspections on your own.

Hand Augers

A hand auger is an extremely amazing tool that can be utilized to open a blocked sink. Plumbers can easily reach deeper into the sink pipe utilizing the cable of the auger and allow water to stream through.

Drain Snake

There are also motorized editions of an auger. This kind of drain snaking tool is weightier but simpler to use.

3. Saws and Cutters

Saws and cutters are used to execute a cut operation not only on pipes but for cut bolts, nuts, and screws. If there are water leaks or issues in concealed plumbing, or you suspect a potential pipe burst scenario, call a company offering emergency plumbing services in Irvine.

We have mentioned these tools to give you a better understanding of their applications. For installing or replacing big pipes, it is recommended that you get in touch with an established company offering emergency plumbing solutions in Irvine.


It is used to cut through metal pipes or parts. It is good to have a few backup blades in as well.

Junior Hacksaw

Junior hacksaws are useful when you need to work in narrow areas like under the sink plumbing.

Metal File

To boost the quality of the job done, a metal file can be utilized to smooth the rough edges left after a cut process.

4. Plumber’s Wrenches

Yet another classic plumber’s tool is the wrench. Regrettably, a wrench tool that does everything will not be found. That is why you will require various wrenches in your plumbing toolset. Here are a few of these; you had better save yourself some space for this equipment in your toolbox.

Pipe Wrench

Plumbers need to work with these flexible wrenches to tighten up or release the pipe fittings. These wrenches can be in various sizes, but keeping a number of sizes of this wrench is smart in case you do not desire to get into an impassable scenario.

Basin Wrench

A basin wrench works well for smaller spaces like underneath the sink. This tool is ideal for plumbers to assemble nuts to avoid sink leaks.


Pliers are accustomed to removing or tightening smaller nuts where the wrench is too large to match. This tool is utilized by all professionals offering plumbing services in Irvine every day. A plier is necessary to execute a masterwork.

5. Plumbers Tools For Basic Safety

These are the tools anyone attempting a plumbing job should have. Professionals offering services such as plumbing repair in Irvine will always have these with them. They might also help you get the right equipment.

Glasses For Protecting Eyes

Eyes are susceptible to external hazards. You do not want dirty water or any particles getting into your eyes when doing any kind of plumbing job.


To protect your hands from getting cut, scratched, or hurt by sharp objects, it is necessary to wear gloves.

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