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What are the consequences of not dealing with water damage properly?

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Have you ever experienced water damage in your home or business? Generally, most people think that it’s just water, so no big deal. If yes, then you are on the wrong path; the reason is that just water can put your home or business in a dangerous position.

The issue of water damage is a severe problem that offers a negative effect on structural integrity. No matter how small or big the water damage is, it is not a wise idea to ignore it. Leaving water damage issue in Irvine as it is will surely bring additional harm to the home and the health of the people. Moreover, you have to do it correctly. Otherwise, water damage can worsen the situation if not handled by a professional water damage restoration company in Irvine.

The question is, what are the consequences of not dealing with water damage properly?

If you think that by chance after repair also, a small drip of water from the refrigerator or the washing machine is not a big deal, think again. That means when the technician completes the repair, and after a few days, water drops coming from the repair area are negligible. But according to Cali’s Choice Plumbing and Restoration, the best water damage repair company in Irvine, with time, these small drops of water and leaks can result in severe issues that will cost you more than initial.

However, if any of the issues still prevail after the repair as well, the consequences are as follows: –

Consequences Of Improper Water Damage Repair & Restoration

1. Rampant Mold Growth

If you do not handle the water damage correctly, the mold problem can take a serious role. As you know that mold loves moisture, these small drops of water will again create the perfect environment for its growth.

It not only harms the house instead, but it will also damage the expensive belongings, furniture, baseboards, etc. Apart from that, when the mold spores get dissolved in the air, they will be toxic to the health of the family members causing various breathing issues and allergic reactions, especially to sensitive individuals.

So, it becomes mandatory to deal with water damage repairs carefully. Thus, no issues can bother you afterward.

2. Furniture And Electrical Appliances

If, by mistake, any of the leakage or water source remains untreated or treated carelessly, it will indeed cause a leak and damage your expensive furniture and electrical appliances. Whether it is made up of wood, plastic, or metal, water will damage it within no time.

Due to water, the colors of all things will change. In short, if you do not treat water damage with care, it will destroy almost everything in your home, causing you many losses.

3. Welcome Bugs

If the water damage is not treated well, it will also become the breeding spot for various insects like mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, beetles, and fleas. Like, mold grows in moisture and dark places, bugs like to live in warm temperatures of around 75 to 80 degrees.

So, why take the risk of not treating the water damage with due care? Instead, ask professional plumber to check the repair twice so that water damage will not occur again.

4. Damage Wiring And Gas Lines

When you experience water damage, no matter how severe it is, you have to switch off the main electric board and gas services to avoid various issues like electric shocks and gas leaks. It can also happen after repairing water damage. Hence, if you fail to handle water damage carefully, wiring and gas lines can also produce electric shocks and gas leaks as you are not aware of any leak.

5. Health Problems

Another issue that can occur if the water damage repair is not done carefully is health problems. It is true that due to water damage, mold will grow on the property. In that case, you or your family members can suffer from various health problems. For example, it can lead to skin problems, respiratory issues, etc., especially for those people who are already suffering from asthma or eczema.

So, if you want to avoid this situation, deal with water damage repair with due care or ask a professional to do the same.

6. High Water Bills

If there is a leak somewhere in your home after repair, water damage can bring your water bills too high. Hence, if something is leaking from the drainage pipes, the water will get wasted, and you have to pay for it. So, when your water bill comes, you will be unaware of why it’s too high. Check your usage first and then contact water damage repair services as soon as possible.

7. Damage In Foundation

No matter whether the crack in the pipe is small or big, if the water is continuously seeping inside the foundation, then it is a matter of concern. That means even a minor crack in a pipe can bring disaster as it will cause various foundation problems. However, the worst thing is that the foundation issues are very complex to fix, and it is a costly affair.

8. Bad Odor

In the case of water damage in your home or business, you might also notice some musty smell. However, this is due to mold and mildew that is infiltrating your house. You can solve this problem if you call a professional water damage restoration service in Irvine to inspect the home.

They will check the entire home and try to find the source of water damage with the help of the latest tools and equipment.

9. Blackwater Contamination

There are mainly three types of water that can flood your home. They are:

  • Clean water coming from sanitary sources
  • greywater coming from home electrical appliances that can make you fall ill
  • Blackwater coming from unsanitary sources

If, by chance, black water is damaging your home or business, it becomes very complex to deal with or recover from. In this situation, you may lose all your furnishings. Thus, you have to replace most of your home’s structural components.

How To Avoid Consequences Of Improper Water Damage Restoration?

Hire the best water damage restoration team in Irvine. But you have to be careful while choosing. The reason is the market these days is filled with many companies who promise to offer good services, but they don’t. But if you want the best, you have to take this decision wisely. Hence, consider the important factors, including experience, license, certification, expertise, etc. Apart from that, you have to look for water removal services that deliver premium quality services at an affordable price. The problem of water damage is indeed a costly affair, so choose the company after good research.

Cali’s Choice Plumbing and Restoration do every work that you expect. On top of that, we guarantee satisfaction so that you will not face any problems in the future. Call us without looking at the clock for quick water damage repair and restoration in Irvine.

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