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What Are The Consequences Of Not Seeking Slab Leak Detection On Time?

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Slab leak detection is not an easy job to do in the initial stage when you do not know how to find it, but you can do it easily when you hire the slab leak detection and repair service in Murrieta. By choosing their superior service, you can meet with a highly experienced team.

You can smoothen your home’s plumbing system at an affordable price with an experienced team. Don’t take the slab leak repairing task in-joke because the consequences might be terrible for you and force you to invest a bunch of money! Before things go out of your hand, hire our specialists.

Being a homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities to perform, and plumbing is one of them. If you don’t want to come on the list of those who take plumbing for granted, it’s high time to change your views. Slab leaks can damage your home and push you to invest a large amount.

Hiring slab leak detection experts in Murrieta saves you from mishaps and allows you to maintain your house smoothly. Have you ever gone through the damp spots on your floor? Are you frustrated with the low water pressure in the washroom? There might be a leak in your slab, and the slab leak can cost you a bulky price.

In this article, we are going to share what slab leaks are and how to overcome them easily and smoothly through Slab Leak Detection. We will also talk about the consequences of not seeking slab leak services and the slab leak detection repair cost in Murrieta.

How Slab Leak Occurs?

We all know that the foundation of our home is based on concrete slabs. Do you know that the pressure of the soil can damage your basement walls? There are many reasons which lead to the slab leaks in Murrieta.

Sometimes you might feel this situation is not much significant, but later, it creates a bunch of issues if left untreated. It can cause massive breakage because they saturate the soils, damaging the home’s foundation. To avoid this, hire professional plumber for slab leak detection and repair service in Murrieta.

The slab leaks can create terrible conditions until you don’t know how to recover from them. It can damage your house to a greater extent and put you in a flood-like situation. It can also cause mold inside/outside your house with rotten wood. If you leave this condition for a long time, it could collapse the overall foundation of your home!

It is difficult to detect slab leakage at your home in the initial stage when you do not know plumbing works. But when you have the helping hands of the experts, you can detect this easily. In the upcoming section, we have listed a few causes of slab leakage that you can recover with the help of slab leak detection specialists in Murrieta.

Reasons For Slab Leakage You Should Know:

There are multiple reasons for slab leakage, including errors while installing the pipe, corrosion in pipes and burst pipes, constant friction in pipes, and many more. Do you want to take a deeper look at the reasons which cause slab leakage? Wait, before moving deeper, first ensure about the pipe materials.

Most of the materials used in our homes are out of the market nowadays. So, as time goes by, these materials lose their effectiveness. The market is currently loaded with multiple advanced plumbing materials that deliver better durability. Most of the time, the age and materials of the pipe are the biggest reason for slab leakage, but here we have listed some more causes!

Inappropriate Construction

Most of the time, inappropriate construction cause slab leakage. If you have installed a poor quality pipe, especially copper pipes, in your plumbing system, you will soon put yourself in a dangerous condition. However, if the water pipes of your home are broken, bent, and twisted during the installation process, it might level up the slab leakage and even burst the pipeline in the worst condition.

Extreme Pressure

There is a lot of pressure like water and soil, making a shift under the foundation. It can slightly put pressure on the pipes and cause financial loss. It can also happen due to earthquakes, soil erosion, etc.

Poor Water Quality

As a responsible homeowner, you should know the quality of the water through PH level. If water quality is extremely acidic and alkaline, it can build corrosion in the pipes.

Age Of The Pipes

If your home was built years back, the pipe materials might get damaged. Mostly, the slab leak happens in the older homes, especially if you have installed the copper or galvanized pipes, you are at higher risk.


When the pipes get corroded against the concrete and rigid materials, the quality of the pipe may get damaged. The constant friction brings the chances of wear and tear that ultimately hike the leakage.

Are you neglecting these signs? We know slab leak detection is tough, especially when you are a novice and don’t have professional help. Regular check-ups are always suggested to make your home’s plumbing system in top-notch conditions. If you neglect this scenario, you might go through the harsh consequences, and those are listed below.

Check The List Of Consequences For Slab Leak Damage:

  • A Sudden Hike In Bills: If you notice an instant hike in the water bill in the past years without extending your water use, there may be a leakage in your slab. Your property’s water bill will increase when you leave the slab leakage untreated.
  • Awkward Sounds: Have you ever gone through the awkward sounds of running water even if your entire home’s taps are closed? Don’t panic because it’s a sign of slab leakage.
  • Discoloration: Are you noticing any discoloration on your floors? When you leave the slab leak condition without giving it a proper solution, it can cause discoloration of walls and floors.
  • Mold Growth: Neglecting the slab leakage can drive the condition of mold growth. Water leaks can lead to the insect infestation, germs, and mold. Sometimes it may create a bad smell in your surrounding and makes your living experience worst.
  • Allergies: Leaving the slab leakage untreated for a long time can also bring allergies. If you have asthma, it can make your health condition worst. You might go through skin irritation, running nose, watery eyes, cough, and redness in worst cases.
  • Weaken The Foundation: If you do not repair the slab leak for a long time, it can damage the foundation or decrease the value of your property. Your property may collapse and cause the biggest financial loss in the worst case.

If you are still neglecting the signs for a long time, it’s time to take some responsible steps. Many professionals in Murrieta can help you and simplify your problems. It’s a great choice to hire well-equipped professionals. Give your property to the right hands and enhance the longevity with affordable slab leak detection and repair costs in Murrieta.

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