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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Copper Piping

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Copper Piping

Do you have any need for plumbing replacement in your space? You might be wondering about what type of pipes the plumbers are using. Book an appointment with repipe companies like Cali’s Choice to get a quick answer!


Across decades, many plumbing materials have been used. The market has multiple options, from hollowed-out wood pipes to steel pipes and galvanized pipes to copper pipes. In this modern era of plumbing and repipe companies, people have become more conscious of the material they use.

Currently, copper pipes are the most common option for plumbing because of their amazing quality Copper pipe lifespan. Copper pipes are considered the most standard and toughest pipe in the plumbing industry. With the advanced benefits of copper pipes, the costs of copper pipes are increasing at a high pace.

The copper pipes are an ideal choice and are highly used for water supply. Compared to PEX, copper pipes are expensive, but homeowners still make them their first choice. Many commercial and residential properties use steel pipes in their plumbing system by consulting Repipe specialists in Riverside. But, the problem with steel pipes is that they have a low tendency and can rust over time.

If we talk about the market popularity, copper competes with other plastic plumbing materials like PVC, PEX, and many more! So, in this blog, we will discuss copper piping and why it has become the most trending option in the market.

Why Choosing the Right Material For Plumbing Is Necessary?

The pipes used for commercial and residential plumbing are manufactured using multiple materials. Depending upon the application and project needs, plumbers make their decision. The most common pipe materials used for plumbing are PVC, copper, PEX, CPVC, and much more. Selecting materials for plumbing pipes depends upon various factors.

Before making any decision, it is ideal for identifying multiple pipe materials’ strengths and weaknesses. Plumbing is the essential part of your home that defines the value and integrity. A bad plumbing system can bring many problems that ultimately cost dollars to repair. The plumbing industry has recently brought so many changes, but people still want to invest in something that lasts long!

So, are you looking to install the best plumbing system at your newly built home? Do you want to upgrade the plumbing system of the old home? Everyone has a different home with different plumbing needs, so it’s better to call an expert of Cali’s Choice. In the below section, we will bolster your understanding of copper piping!

They recommend the best when you work with the Repipe companies for plumbing systems in your commercial and residential space. The expert plumber in riverside always suggests replacing the old pipes with reliable and durable ones. Here we bring some new facts to help you make the right decision for plumbing pipe material!

Should I Choose Copper Piping For Plumbing?

The market is filled with many plumbing material options, but which should be ideal for you? Choosing the right material automatically reduces the installation and maintenance costs. By optimizing the right plumbing system, you can ensure great fittings. This material has become the modern need of homeowners due to Copper pipe lifespan. Copper piping holds the highest value, which is durable and withstands the highest pressure.

These are undoubtedly tough to install and cost a little more to you! Copper piping has been used traditionally and still tempts homeowners and repipe companies. At the end of this blog, you can confidently discover whether you should choose copper pipes for plumbing or not. So, in the below section, we will begin with the positive sides of copper piping and then move to the downsides.

Benefits Of Choosing Copper Pipes Over Any Other

Copper pipes are durable:

When you compare Their lifespan with other plumbing materials, they are incredibly durable. The copper pipes can handle the 1000 psi pressure and have an average lifespan of 50 to 70 years. The average lifespan of copper pipes also depends upon the water quality, how you operate this and the climate. Whether you are living in a small or large family, it matches your needs. The copper pipes can withstand hot and cold temperatures and don’t freeze in winters like other materials. The repipe companies suggest homeowners choose this because of its ideal reactivity rate and corrosion resistance, adding another plus point.

The lightweight nature:

It is easier to install copper pipes because of their lightweight nature. Copper pipes are highly flexible; you can extend this as much as possible. There is no need to make any additional investment for buying any supporting materials to make copper pipes withstand any condition.

Prevents chances of contamination:

As we have discussed earlier, the market is filled with multiple types of piping options. The copper pipes don’t release any dangerous materials into the water. These pipes can be installed outside and are recyclable.

Eco-friendly option for plumbing pipe:

Copper pipes are eco-friendly compared to other piping materials. In copper plumbing pipes, the manufacturing process doesn’t add any materials harmful to nature. Copper pipes release less dangerous emissions and can be recycled after their lifespan.

Resistance against fire:

The copper pipes have a high thermal rating feature. These pipes are resistant to fire. Almost every homeowner wants to install a plumbing system manufactured with retardant materials. For all those owners, copper is an ideal choice. It isn’t affected by UV light, so it is an ideal choice to install outdoors.

Protection against bacterial growth:

The copper material is impermeable and protects against bacterial growth. In a natural disaster scenario, it will not burst because of the greater elasticity.

Drawbacks Of Using Copper Piping:

Greater price:

No doubt, copper pipes have the highest benefits that no other piping will give you. But why do some people still ignore this? The major reason for which people ignore this piping material is the expensiveness. It costs more than plastic pipes like PVC and PEX. But it is worth investing this amount to receive the highest quality of flexibility and strength.

Sometimes it changes the taste of water:

The copper plumbing pipes add a metallic flavor to the water. Sometimes, you might feel a change in the taste of water which signifies you need to hire a repiping company.

Can’t give resistance against acidic water:

Water acidity is another reason why people ignore this. The copper pipes are only manufactured to withstand the water having a PH value of 6.5 to 8.5. If the water supplied to your space is from the well, it has a higher PH level. So, these types of pipes are only ideal if you have a municipal water supply.

So, What Alternative Can I Choose To Copper Pipe?

After completing the above information, what have you decided? Do you want to install copper plumbing pipes, or have you changed your mind? If you are looking for an alternative to copper pipes, you can choose PEX. After copper pipes, people used to install PEX pipes because of their easy-to-use and install features. The PEX pipes could freeze in winters, but they can expand themselves.

Every pipe has certain pros and cons, so PEX and PVC pipes also have certain drawbacks. It would be amazing if you took help from the experts. You can meet with the repiping companies and hire the Repipe specialists.

Each pipe material has specific regulations; for example, in California, using PEX material is banned because of toxins. The PEX material is also banned in New York. So, before reaching any decision, don’t forget to check all the requirements and regulations in your city.

So, hiring a repipe specialist from Cali’s Choice will make it worthwhile. If you want to complete a small plumbing project, then there is no doubt that copper is the best choice.

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