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Quick Plumbing Maintenance Checklist For Summer

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The rising temperature of summers heats everything around you, and it’s natural to ignore the adverse effects summer can have on our plumbing system.

Believe it or not, the increased water temperature directly affects your plumbing system. If you have a large swimming pool or garden, you need to be more conscious about maintaining them. Even if you don’t have any problems, you still need to make a checklist to ensure whether things are running correctly. Summer is knocking on our doors, and with each passing day, the temperature increases.

We mostly avoid visiting outside and love to spend time with our family in the summers. We increase water use in summer in cooking, cleaning, bathing, and laundry, bringing water shortage problems. Before summer hits you hard, it’s good to maintain all the plumbing systems by calling a professional plumbing service in Eastvale. By performing a certain plumbing task, you can ensure running smoothly.

By doing so, you can minimize the number of times you welcome a plumber to your home. Get rid of the bigger plumbing issue by calling experienced plumbers in Eastvale to your residential space. We are moving to create an Ultimate Summer Homeowner Checklist in this article! Once you complete this checklist, you can enjoy the warm days without stressing about anything.

Why Should You Worry About Plumbing Maintenance?

Taking care of the plumbing system is essential, especially if you are a homeowner. You should take care of the water that is flowing from your tap. Many people don’t take plumbing systems seriously until they have a bigger problem.

A leaky plumbing system could leave a huge mess and hit your pocket hard if you left it untreated for a long time. To get rid of this situation, you should be worried about your home’s plumbing system. Plumbing maintenance allows you to save water and energy bills, and the faulty plumbing parts can cost you more for repairs. A single leak can waste almost liters of water in a single day, and 34 gallons of water can be wasted in a year with each drop.

Maintaining your home’s plumbing system means rectifying the leaky pipes, replacing the old one with new and more. By performing seasonal plumbing from expert plumbers in Eastvale, you can catch the minor problems and repair them before they turn out into a big one. The plumbers will visit your space in seasonal plumbing maintenance and check the septic system, water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines.

A leakage in the plumbing system affects your pipes and water pressure. It can cause damage to your property and valuable items. Leakage under the skin can create mold and elevate pipe corrosion. It would be great if you repair the damage before it turns out to be a bigger headache for you.

The right way to avoid plumbing problems is to keep the energy cost down and conserve the water for the future. In the below list, we will share the daily, weekly, and yearly tips that you should adopt in summers for a smooth flow of water in your home.

  • Look Over Your Appliances: Many appliances at your house are connected with the plumbing system, like dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines. Make sure all the appliances are in good condition and work normally. If you feel any problem, don’t feel shy to ask a professional plumbing service in Eastvale for help.
  • Clean Drains: Clogged/blocked drain is a huge concern in summers, and it can cause flood-like situations and brings health risks like flu and virus. The strain on plumbing can burst or loosen the pipes. By hiring plumbers, you can inspect the blockage in the deep inside of the plumbing system and unblock them successfully.
  • Inspect A Pool/Sprinkler: Do you have a large garden and pool outside the house? Before diving into the pool during summer, the first check is whether there is any crack, leakage, or damage in the pipe that supplies the water to the pool? Apart from that, if you love gardening and have a sprinkler system, make sure there is no leakage.
  • Hoses And Gutters: If you use hoses for gardening, ensure their quality in the initial stage. In summer, you need to sprinkle more water on the plants. So, try to find out the damage and repair them initially. In summers, you might affect by the strong storm winds that bring so many dust particles, leaves, broken wires, roots of the tree, and plastic, many more that block the gutter and cause drainage issues. To tackle such a situation, be prepared and hire a professional plumbing service in Eastvale.
  • Water Heater: As per the expert plumbers, you should drain the hot water once a year. When you don’t use a water heater, it builds up the mold and unnecessary particles that eventually cause bigger issues for you; it is necessary to conduct the draining safely and correctly. In summers, we don’t use a water heater consistently throughout the day, so this is the right time to give it a quick repair.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection: In summer, you should hire plumbers for the sewer camera inspection. Through video inspection, the plumbers will tell you whether your sewage system needs any maintenance or not. Diagnosing the sewer line is the smartest way to repair the plumbing system.
  • Clean The Kitchen Sink: To clean your kitchen sink, you should use natural products or enzymes. To clean it naturally, you can take the help of Baking soda, lemon juice, and boiling water. You can also use some fresheners to leave behind a fresh aroma.
  • Check Main Valve: The main water valves get stuck over time, bringing an emergency. It is good to give them a quick clean-up, and the main water valve is the sensitive part that needs professional cleaning.
  • Check Sink Piping & Faucets: You should also check and inspect the home’s faucets for leaking fixtures, worn caulking, loose knobs. As the owner, you should check all the faucets and loose joints of nuts and bolts underneath the sinks. If you find any leakage, hole, or crack, call an emergency plumber in Eastvale to fix any problems you encounter.
  • Monitor Your Water Meter Readings: You should consecutively monitor the water meter readings. If you feel that the water meter reading is continuously going on, that means there is a hole inside the plumbing system. A best leak detection service can help diagnose the issues.
  • Check Your Toilet Bowls And Tanks: You should give a closer look at your toilet bowls and tanks. Apart from that, check whether there are any hairline fractures and problems in drainage flush or not. If you don’t want to feel awkward in front of your guest, it’s time to give a quick cleanup touch to your tanks.
  • Clean & Service HVAC System: Do you want to welcome your guest and give them a cool and comfy space for rest? If you have AC, you should check the quality in summer, and they should be cleaned or serviced. When you don’t use this system for a long period, it collects the dust that diminishes the performance. To get rid of such issues, call a plumber.
  • Schedule A plumbing Inspection: At last, you should schedule a plumbing inspection. Ask a plumber to visit your home and carry out some final plumbing checklist items on your plumbing system. By hiring a plumber, you can ensure that your home’s plumbing system is in good hands.

We’re reaching the middle of summer! Go through the above plumbing guideline and make the summers stress-free. This is the time to hire an expert plumber for your home. This summer, your responsibility is to keep things going under your reach. If you want to enjoy the summer smoothly by getting crazy with your family inside the pool, then make sure you have done the plumbing checklist from emergency plumbers in Eastvale.

With routine maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your home’s plumbing. It is good to repair or replace the damaged parts earlier. Don’t let your plumbing issue be a disruption in your life. You should make strategies according to the weather condition.

You can manage some of the plumbing issues on your own, but some need expert emergency plumbers in Eastvale. Once you are done with your plumbing checklist, you can turn on the music and jump into the pool to enjoy the warm weekends.

Final Thoughts:

Being proactive and taking care of the plumbing systems helps you maintain your property’s condition. You should have concerns about your home’s plumbing because a small mistake can invite many issues that need a costly recovery. If you want to enjoy the summer gatherings with confidence, hire the best plumber from Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration!

Once you hire the experts, they will perform these tasks safely and effectively no matter how complex the situation is.

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