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10 Water Heater Repair Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Water Heater Repair Mistakes That Cost Money

Hot water is no more a luxury but a necessity. Even though we can have hot water by heating on the stove or using immersion rods, all those steps have a very time-consuming and tedious process.

Having a water heater in our homes gives us hot water anytime and anywhere in our home. Therefore, taking proper care of the water heater is very important so that it lasts a long time. Typically, a water heater lasts for about 10-15 years, but its lifespan can be increased by proper maintenance and repair of its parts on time.

So, if your water heater is not functioning properly, it is time to get it checked by a professional like Cali’s Choice, the water heater repair service in Costa Mesa. This is a highly reputed company, and it also provides water heater maintenance in Costa Mesa.

If proper maintenance and repair are not done when required, early replacement of the water heater would have to be done, which could cost a lot of money and stress.

Let’s look into the common mistakes and some of the things that we overlook, which could cost us a lot of money.

10 Water Heater Repair Mistakes that Cost You A Lot Of Money in Repairs

1. Getting the Repairs Done From Amateurs

Often when we face problems with electrical appliances, we run to the nearest company that provides repair services because we want the job done as soon as possible.

We do not do our research about the company, which leads to paying money for improper service. The workers might turn out to be people without the proper certifications and training and do not know their work properly. We in our haste to avoid the inconvenience caused due to the failure of the appliance make this mistake.

So, do your research before going to any company and only seek help from professionals like Cali’s Choice, which provides the best water heater repair services in Costa Mesa.

2. No Proper Maintenance

For a water heater to function properly throughout its lifespan, it is very important to get its annual maintenance done on time. Often it so happens that some problems couldn’t be identified by us as it shows no signs.

Before it shows any signs of damage, the degree of damage increases so much that maintenance would not be sufficient. You would have to get parts, or the entire water heater replaced.

So, get maintenance done at the proper time by a reputed water heater maintenance company in Costa Mesa.

3. Hot Water Unavailability

One of the common problems that happen in water heaters is inadequate hot water. Sometimes it so happens that you turn on the water heater, but you are not getting any hot water.

This could be due to various reasons like faulty heating system or thermostat. It could also be due to power not reaching the parts, so check whether the power indicators are lit.

Also, check for blown fuses or switches, and install a miniature circuit breaker(MCB) to save the fuse from getting blown during power failures.

If you cannot identify what the problem is, get your water heater checked by a company that provides good service like the water heater services in Costa Mesa named Cali’s Choice.

4. Weird Smelling Water

If you get a foul or weird smell from the water connected to the water heater, then it is because of bacteria in the water heater. This could be due to many reasons, and the solution for this problem is simple.

Set the thermostat to a very high temperature and heat the water. Once the water in the entire tank is heated, empty the water. Or after emptying the tank, fill the tank with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide and let it stay in the tank for about 2 hours, and then flush it out.

If, after doing these things, the smell still persists, contact a water heater repair services company in Costa Mesa and get it done before it turns into a big problem.

5. Anode Rod Repair

Anode rod is also known as the sacrificial rod, which collects the hard water sediments of the water and keeps it clean. Thus, This rod erodes very quickly and needs to be replaced at the proper intervals to make sure that the water heater functions efficiently.

It is not replaced at the proper time, the minerals deposit at the bottom, causing the heating element to burn, which would also need to be replaced or repaired. All of this increases the cost of repairing. Proper maintenance by a reliable water heater maintenance company in Costa Mesa also helps avoid these problems.

6. Strange Noises

If the water heater is making strange noises, it could probably be because of sediments deposited at the bottom of the tank, which is burning.

You just need to flush out the water once a year to get rid of this problem. The noise could also be due to the heating element burning or increased pressure in the tank, which could lead to a blast.

In such cases, Cali’s Choice, the water heater services company in Costa Mesa, could be the best option because of its reliable and fast service, which is very important in this situation before an accident happens.

7. Overlooking Leaks

Leaks are a very common problem if you have a water heater installed in your home. It could be due to many problems like loose connections of pipes or pressure valves, and tightening these would solve the problem.

Leaks at the bottom of the tank could be due to condensation, which is not an issue. But sometimes leaks could be due to water eroding the tank gradually over a period of time which causes miniature holes and water leaks from these holes.

The best solution to this problem would be to seek out the advice of a professional like Cali’s Choice, the water heater repair service in Costa Mesa.

8. Not Checking Warranty

In some cases, if annual maintenance is not done, the warranty card expires. So, make sure that you get proper maintenance and repair done at the proper time so that the cost is covered. But keep in mind that field service cost is not included in the warranty.

But if you see that even after proper maintenance and care, the water heater is not functioning properly, it is time to replace your old water heater with a new one.

Contact Cali’s Choice, a reputed water heater services company in Costa Mesa, to get the best quality water heater at a good price and get it installed at your home.

9. No Space Around The Heater

Have your water heater placed in an area where there is enough free room around the heater so that when you or anybody wants to check the water heater, he/she can easily do so?

Having space to move around helps to check the water heater and all its parts properly and replace or repair it if necessary.

If the water heater is set too high, in the case of tankless or point-of-use water heaters, it will cause a lot of problems to reach the device and check inside it.

If you get a good water heater services company in Costa Mesa to do your water heater installation, you will not have to face such problems later.

So, make sure to contact Cal’s Choice as they have highly trained individuals who provide the best service and water heater maintenance in Costa Mesa so that you would have no complaints in the future.

10. Incorrect Repairs or Improper Service

Often it so happens that the repair of the part of the entire water heater is not done properly, and the problem persists.

Sometimes, faulty parts are used while replacing the parts, or the quality of the product used is not so good. It could be the fault of the company because they want to profit, or it could just be a human error on their part.

Sometimes, it is your fault because in order to save money, you choose the cheapest water heater service offered by a company without finding out whether the company is reliable or not.

It could cost a lot of money in the long run for repair or replacement in the future. Thus look for good water heater repair services in Costa Mesa like Cali’s Choice to avoid such problems in the future.

Awareness of these things can help a lot in the long run, saving a lot of money and time. There are some tips that you can regularly follow to make sure that your water heater keeps functioning properly and requires fewer repairs.

Tips to Prevent Water Heater Repairing Cost

There are things you can do to prevent water heater issues, thus saving you the cost of repair or replacement of parts.

If you face frequent water heater issues, make sure to contact the water heater repair services in Costa Mesa, Cali’s Choice. They provide excellent services all through the state of California; be reassured that you can trust them to provide you with the best service at an affordable price.

  • Prevent overexertion: Make sure to never forget to turn off the water heater when not in use for days. If you are not going to use the water heater for a few days, why keep it on all the time?
  • Flushing the tank: Water has minerals that accumulate and form chunks. They settle at the bottom of the tank reducing the effectiveness and longevity of the appliance as more energy is required to heat the same amount of water. They act as an insulating cover when they settle on top of the heating elements.
  • Checking the parts: Checking the parts of the water heater like the thermostat when the water is not heating properly, the anode rod, the pressure relief valve make sure that the parts can be repaired before it’s too late.

Sometimes we cannot do these things by ourselves, so we need the help of professionals like the water heater maintenance company in Costa Mesa, Cali’s Choice.

Cali’s Choice is a well-renowned and reliable water heater services company in Costa Mesa which provides proper training to its workers so that they do their work properly. Our plumbers are also trained on improving customer satisfaction levels. They will not rush their work or ignore your concerns, however mundane or critical they sound. Our plumbers know that mundane problems could give people more inconvenience than one can usually think of. Connect with us for your water heater services!

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