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What Will You Do If Your Water Heater Is Making Noise?

What Will You Do If Your Water Heater Is Making Noise

The water heater is one of the essential items in smart homes. People who stay in cold regions need a water heater for a major part of the year. As a water heater is an appliance, it can malfunction after long use. Malfunctioning in a water heater can be due to different reasons. It can make noise because of the accumulation of sediments in the bottom of the heater.

If your water heater is making sounds and noises, it might require some repairing work. There is also a need to inspect and clean the water heater fully to get rid of sediments and mineral deposits.

We at Cali’s Choice provide affordable water heater repair services in Temecula to all the customers. We work for both commercial and residential areas. From water heater installation to repairs, we offer all the services for your convenience.

Major Causes For A Noisy Water Heater

As the water heater becomes old, it usually makes sounds. These noises or sounds are because of several reasons like accumulation of sediments in the bottom or mineral deposit buildup. Besides, there are also many other reasons why water heater makes sounds such as:

1. Restricted Water Flow

A water heater makes a sizzling noise when the water flow is restricted. In this situation, you must check the safety valve. It might be because of too much pressure in the water tank. If you hear a sizzling sound, it is necessary to shut down the water heater immediately. You should also turn off the power, and call a professional water heater repair service provider in Temecula.

Major Causes For A Noisy Water Heater

2. Fluctuations In The Water Pressure

Your plumbing system gets a lot of fluctuations with the speed of the water. But after a period of 10 to 15 years, the pressure starts building in the plumbing system. This will lead to a ticking sound. Water heaters generally include outlet nipples with heat traps and a water inlet. However, these outlet nipples do not let the heat pass through water connections.

If you hear any ticking sound on the top part of the water heater, replace the heat trap nipples of the water heater with dielectric nipples.

3. Water Leakage

Older water heaters have a problem with water leakage. When the water is leaking from the water heater, you can hear a sizzling sound. This sound occurs when water drops on the burner. Sometimes, you might notice water on the floor around the water heater. This is because of water leakage.

If you notice any major leakage in the water heater, call a professional for water heater repair in Temecula. We have an efficient team of plumbers that fixes this problem easily.

4. Condensation Of The Burner

Gas-powered water heaters may get a problem of condensation of the burner. During this situation, you will hear a crackling sound from the water heater. In this case, there is no need to do any repair or replacement. It is a normal situation, and it does not need any professional help.

5. Accumulation Of Sediments

Accumulation of minerals and sediments at the bottom of the water heater is one of the most common situations. When the sediments and minerals get deposited in the tank of the heater, you can hear a popping sound. These sediments enter the heater through the water supply. The best solution is to remove sediments and mineral deposits from the heater.

6. Vibration In The Water Heater

The water heater has two heating elements. They are upper and lower elements. However, these elements vibrate whenever the cold water enters the water heater and circulates within the system. This problem is not severe, and you can solve it with the help of an element wrench to make the heating element tight.

7. Rise In Water Temperature

Another problem is the rising water temperature. When the temperature of the water increases, the water expands and escapes under mineral deposits or sediments. Whenever this problem occurs, you will hear a rumbling sound. This sound indicates that sediment build-up has reached a top level.

There are 2 ways to solve the problem of rising water temperature. They are:

  • Setting up a water alarm to check whether there is any leakage in the water heater.
  • You must remove sediments and mineral deposits from the water heater.

8. High pH Level In The Water

Water with chlorine often has a high pH level. If you have an aluminum anode rod, the water with chloramines may cause a reaction known as aluminum hydroxide. This reaction leads to the formation of a gel substance at the end of the water tank. Whenever this problem occurs, you need to clean the tank and remove sediments. Then you have to replace the anode rod with a new magnesium rod.

However, if the water heater has reached the maturity age and is making constant noise, emergency water heater repair is not an ideal solution. Replacing your old water heater is important as it would save both energy and money. There are discrete types of water heaters available, which can confuse you to choose the best fit for you. This is why we have got you covered.

Instant Installation & Repair Services Of Water Heater

We at Cali’s Choice provide a water heater repair service in Temecula along with installation of different types of water heaters such as:

  • Tankless Water Heater
    As the name says, a tankless water heater does not have a tank. Instead of a tank, this water heater contains superheated coils that heat water instantly. It is one of the best options for large families. However, you can install this water heater with the help of a gas line. Our team of expert technicians checks the gas lines at your place and then install a water heater.
  • Storage Water Heater
    Most of the homes have storage water heaters these days. This kind of water heater has an insulated tank that helps to heat water quickly. One of the major benefits of a storage water heater is that you can store a large amount of water for the full day. We have an efficient team that knows how to install a storage water heater by connecting the storage tank to the water outlet and water supply.
  • Solar-Powered Water Heater
    The solar-powered water heater is another popular type of water heater found in many homes. It is a cost-effective way to get hot water every day. This water heater works with the help of direct sunlight. The heat of the Sun helps to heat the water within a few seconds. Our skilled technicians install solar water heaters and solar panels in small and large homes.
  • Hybrid Water Heater
    A hybrid water heater is a rare kind of water heater you will find in homes these days. In this type of water heater, the heat is captured from the ground or air to heat water. The installation of a hybrid water heater is a very difficult process, and you will need a good team. We at Cali’s Choice install hybrid water heaters for several homes.

How To Repair Noisy Water Heaters With Simple Tips?

Your water heater can make noise in many cases. Whenever you hear disturbing sounds of water heater, follow some easy tips to reduce the noise such as:

  • Flush the tank of the water heater to remove sediments and mineral deposits.
  • If there is a continuous leakage, close the water supply as well as the electric supply.
  • In some cases, you must shut off the drain valve.
  • If there is major water leakage from the water heater, contact our plumbing team.
  • You can install a water softener in the water line to reduce sediments and mineral deposits.

Simple Procedure To Maintain A Water Heater With Your Own Skills

After using a water heater for some years, you might face some problems with the device. Some of the most common problems you might face in the water heater are:

  • Sediments buildup or deposits of minerals.
  • Changes in water pressure.
  • Loose pipe straps holding hot water lines
  • Major water leakage in the water heater.
  • Interruption in the water supply.
  • Waterlogging in air cushions of

You can maintain a water heater by taking the following steps:

1. Pick The Right Tools

As you have to clean a water heater on your own, it is important to choose the right tools. You should have thick gloves, a garden hose, a screw header, and a large bucket. Professional water heater repair technicians in Temecula are always ready with the right tools and equipment to offer emergency water heater repair on-site.

2. Turn Off The Power

It is always advisable to shut off electrical power or turn off fuel for safety before cleaning the water heater. You can go through the professional guide to get a better idea.

3. Close The Cold Water Supply

Generally, there are two valves in the water heater. One valve is for hot water, and the second valve is for cold water. You should close the cold water supply that has a blue-colored mark. To get the best results, you should shut off the water heater a night before cleaning the tank.

4. Connect The Garden Hose

The next step is to connect the garden hose to the drain valve and keep the other end safely to drain the water.

5. Turn On Hot Water Supply

Now, you have to open the hot water supply to drain water easily. Opening a hot water supply will reduce the risk of vacuum in the water lines.

6. Draining The Tank Of Hot Water

The next step is to wear protective gloves and open the drain valve to make way for water to go out. You have to continue this process until the tank gets empty. You will notice dirty and black water coming out from the valve.

7. Open Cold Water Supply

Now, open the supply of cold water to eliminate all the deposits and sediments. You should continue this procedure until you see clear water.

8. Switch Off Drain Valve And Hot Water Faucet

The next step is to turn off the drain valve and disconnect the garden hose. You must also switch off a hot water faucet.

9. Fill The Water Tank

Now, you have to open a cold water supply to fill the water tank again. Secondly, you should open all the faucets of hot water to get normal water pressure.

10. Switch On Electric Power

After you see the water tank is filled with water, turn on electric power.

If you have any difficulty in maintaining the water heater, feel free to contact our plumbing team. We offer the best water heater repair services in Temecula at reasonable rates anytime you want. Our team will make sure that you get hot water when you need it.

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