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5 Plumbing Issues In Your New Home

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Imagine you moving to a new house and finding that the faucets don’t work or the drains are clogged. Yes! Newly bought properties or even constructed properties can have plumbing issues. The reasons could range from pure negligence to unavoidable natural disasters. Therefore, we always recommend hiring a professional real estate inspector or an expert plumber to examine the condition of the property. If you live in San Diego, Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration can become your go-to place for professional plumbing services in San Diego.

You can repair plumbing issues in new homes quickly if you can detect the problem precisely before moving to the property. Since no one is living there, a good plumbing company can work around the clock and fix any pending issues shortly. So, it is crucial for you to have preliminary knowledge of the typical plumbing issues your new home might have. We have identified the five most common plumbing issues. With no ado, have a look at them!

Common Plumbing Issues You May Face In Your New Home

Blocked Pipes

One of the most common problems in new homes is blocked pipes. You already know that pipes can get clogged for a myriad of reasons. A new home usually has the misfortune because of minimal use of its drainage system. So once you move in, you find out the water backflows or clogged pipes. In order to counteract that, we recommend hiring a professional who will assess the condition of the pipes and use the latest equipment and product to get rid of the problem. Since the house is new, you do not want to use invasive methods. Therefore, we prefer using strong cleaning solutions. It is also worth remembering that we should only use environmentally friendly solutions that are safe for animals, pets, and children.

Faulty Appliance

Another essential thing to consider is the state of appliances, mainly the water heater. If your new home has been unused for a while, there may be problems piled up with water heaters. Some common troubles are corrosion in pipes, faulty heating elements, sediment buildups, and leaks. It is crucial to check each and every water heater for at least three things. 1) if it agrees with local laws, 2) if it produces enough hot water as per its capacity, and 3) if the water is not discolored or smelly. It is almost always better to hire an expert and inspect the water heater.

Apart from water heaters, there may be other appliances that come with the house. You must check them thoroughly as they can harbor molds, a dangerous leak, or a faulty connection. Since most systems have 24/7 electrical connection, you also need to make sure that all connections are secure.


Leaks are a pretty common occurrence in new homes. There could be leaks in almost any pipe. So, you can do a little test by yourself. Shut off all the water connections and wait to find out the sounds of running water. If yes, there might be a possible leak in the plumbing system. You can run a different variation of this test with a water meter. Similarly, turn off everything and take a reading of the water meter. With passing of 1 or 2 hours, if your water meter fluctuates, you have a potential leak. You can then hire a professional plumbing team for further leak inspection and repair. Leaks are immensely dangerous if not treated promptly. A small leak is manageable, but it can soon lead to other massive problems such as flooding, water damage, or mold growth.

Running Toilets

A runny toilet is annoying, but it is also very risky. New homes can have this problem as well. Therefore, you should always check your flush, bathtubs, sinks, etc., before moving in. A running toilet is not only a wastage but also a flood risk. If it is beyond control, floods can ruin your indoors very much. Checking running toilets is something you could do by yourself. But there might be hidden problems with your toilets that can later cause runny toilets. So we always recommend that before moving in, inspect your toilets by calling a real state inspector or a professional plumber.

Hidden Water Damage

Water damage is problematic, as it is, but the more sinister type of water damage is hidden. If the water damage is in the crawl space, basement or attic, it is not easily noticed. This kind of water damage only becomes seen when it is too late. This is why you should always check for signs in the house for water damage before permanently moving in. Indications such as peeling off the wall, mold growth, sounds of running water, and an earthy smell are good enough for a thorough water damage detection.

Once you detect water damage and accurately repair the root cause, then it becomes easy to handle. You only have to hire a professional plumbing company having the experience and credentials to deal with such damage. Always remember that a good plumber will always run multiple tests and use different methods before calling your property safe.

Plumbing issues in a new home are not rare. It is rather more common than you think. What’s important is to repair the problem as soon as it springs up if you want to avoid severe damage in the future. You should hire a 360-degree plumbing company such as Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration in San Diego, which provides all strands of plumbing service in San Diego. From flood restoration, repair water heater and unclogging pipes, we cover up everything. Our plumbers are well-versed in modern and old plumbing systems. So, their knowledge base is immense, leading to a wider scope of options and opinions.

As a leading plumbing company, we have packages that cover the entire inspection of new houses. Our services are also available 24/7, even on public holidays. So, call us to know more about our services in your new homes.

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