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When it’s An Ideal Time to Get a New Water Heater?

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Installing a water heater is an investment for long-term use. Most of the time, we do not think about replacing the water heater. We either repair it or change some parts. Buying a whole new heater is an important decision and, of course, a large investment.

Many people cannot know until it is too late to get a new water heater. We at Cali’s Choice install any kind of water heater at any place. You can book our premium services of water heater installation in Orange County for residential or commercial places.

Signs Of An Old Water Heater

As long as we get warm water from our water heater, we normally do not check whether it is working perfectly or not. However, it is important to see how your water heater works after 5 to 7 years. Some signs tell that it is time to get a new water heater for your home. The signs are:

1. Flow Of Rusty Water In Your Bathroom

Rust is bound to affect your water heater after ten years. You can check your pipes, sinks, valves, and faucets. Rust can spread quickly from the water heater to faucets, and you will get a continuous flow of water with rust. This problem is commonly found in a water heater that is ten years old.

Now, the rust can appear in pipes as well as water tanks of the water heater. If you get rusty water from the taps, it might be due to rust of pipes. You can spot this water coming out of your sink and tubs as well. On the other hand, the problem of rusty tanks of water heater is a major issue. You cannot detect it instantly.

There is one way by which you can check the tanks of the water heater. You must open taps and let hot water flow until two buckets are filled with water. If the 3rd or 4th bucket is also filled with rusty water, the tank has a severe problem of rust. You need to replace the water heater soon in this case.

Tips to replace your water heater

2. No Supply Of Hot Water From The Water Heater

The average life of a water heater is between 10 to 12 years. After 10 years, the water heater faces some problems such as noise, and you might get muddy water. In some cases, the old water heater does not provide warm water even after keeping it on for hours.

Old water heaters cause a problem during chilly winters. The main problem in such water heaters is the burning of the heating element. However, the heating element can be repaired in case of new water heaters. But if your water heater is older than 10 years, change it rather than spend a huge amount on its repairs.

3. Leakage In Water Heater

Do you see a lot of water lying on your floor just under your water heater? If yes, it might be a huge leakage in your water heater. Water leaks can also damage your floors as well as walls.

There are many reasons for water leaks in the water heater. If the metal in the heater is expanded due to constant heating cycles, it leads to major water leakage. Leaks can appear even in connections and fittings of the water tank.

If the leak is in fittings, you can call a plumber. This is a minor problem and can be solved with the help of repairing work. On the other hand, the leakage in water tanks cannot be repaired. You need to replace the water heater and get a new one.

4. Noisy Water Heater

There is no surprise if you heard those weird noises from your old water heater. As it gets older, you may hear sounds such as rambling or banging while using it. The noise comes due to the accumulation of sediments and dirt in the water tank.

Sediments sit at the bottom of the water tank and make noise. Hard particles and sediments damage interior parts of the water heater. They also make the heater run slow and take a long time to heat water. All these problems cannot be solved by water heater repair services in Orange County. The best way is to replace the water heater.

5. Frequent Repairs

Do you need to call a plumber once or twice every month for water heater maintenance? It indicates that your heater is getting older day by day. Many people have to change the parts or accessories of the heater often every few months.

Changing minor parts of the water heater becomes a costly task. Apart from that, you also get a slow-running heater even after spending many bucks. In these cases, it is wiser to get a new water heater and not spend money on repairing it.

6. Increasing Power Bills

Every month, you cannot just afford to pay huge electricity bills for an old water heater. As your heater gets old, it leads to an increase in power bills. It is because of increasing load by the heater in heating water.

Generally, an old water heater takes a lot of time to heat water. This will lead to an increase in power bills. The most economical way is to buy a new water heater and install it inside or outside your home.

7. Low Amount Of Water

This is one of the most common signs in many water heaters that show the equipment getting older. Water heaters older than 10 years generally give a low amount of water. You cannot get a huge volume of water even after burning electricity for hours.

If you spot a low amount of water in the bucket, it is the right time to replace the old water heater. You can call us for water heater installation services to install a new water heater in your home or hotel.

Why Is It Necessary To Get A New Heater?

Many homeowners are reluctant to change their water heaters. But it is necessary to replace your old water heater every 10 to 12 years. There are several reasons to get a new heater such as:

  • Old water heaters consume more than half of your power and increase electricity bills. A new water heater saves power, and you can increase savings every month.
  • You do not have to call a plumber every time to repair a new heater.
  • A new water heater gives a high volume of hot water at less cost.

Why Choose Cali’s Choice For Hassle-free Water Heater Installation Service?

If your old water heater is giving a lot of problems, it is the right time to get a new water heater. Installation of a water heater is a professional task. We at Cali’s Choice hire a smart team of plumbers for installation. There are several reasons to choose our services such as:

1. Excellent Team

We choose smart and hardworking plumbers for installing a water heater. Our plumbers give immediate service even on holidays and festivals. Also, they have experience of many years in this field as well.

2. Effective Tools And Smart Technology

Our team of plumbers comes with the latest plumbing tools. However, these tools are modern and may complete work speedily. Our smart tools can also detect any problem in your old water heater instantly.

3. Commercial And Residential Services

Whether it is a home or hotel room or resort, we offer premium quality installation service of water heaters in Orange County for every place. We have worked with many clients in the past.

4. Low Rates Of Installation Of Water Heater

We at Cali’s Choice offer affordable services of water heater installation. Our plumbers work on all the days of a week. They do not charge additional fees to work on weekends or public holidays. Moreover, our water heater installation packages come with a variety of customized options to suit everyone’s needs.

5. Insured Services

One of the major benefits of choosing our services is that they are insured. If there is any damage while installing a new water heater, it will get covered under insurance coverage.

6. Long-term Warranty

We have an efficient group of plumbers working for every client. We have the latest tools to install a water heater at home or hotel rooms. We also offer a long-term warranty on our work. If there is an issue with the water heater, you can call us immediately.

Special Tips To Extend The Life Of Your New Water Heater

Finally, you have installed a new water heater in your home. How to extend the life of a water heater? We provide some special tips to enhance the working of your new heater.

  • You must check the pressure valve to see whether there is water flowing from it or not. If you see water flowing from the valve, call our technicians to fix the problem on the same day.
  • It is necessary to flush the tank of your water heater once every year. Flushing the water tank removes sediments and pebbles that accumulate at the bottom of the water heater. It also speeds up water flow from the water heater, and you can get a high volume of water.
  • The water heater gets rusted after long use. It is important to check the anode rod of the water heater to stop rust from getting inside the water heater.
  • It is necessary to clean the water heater by using a clean cloth.

Contact Us Anytime For Emergency Water Heater Installation Service

If your old water heater is not giving a good performance, it is time to replace it today. You can call our team of plumbers to install a new water heater in your home, hotel rooms, or resorts.

You can visit our official website to book our services at your convenience. We install all brands and all types of water heaters after business hours also. So, don’t hesitate to call us at odd hours. We are here to help with water heater installation, repair, and replacement services in Orange County so that you get the hot water when you need it.

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