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Uncover Myths About Water Heater Repair

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Are you planning to install a water heater in your home? Wait! Have you checked the essential information regarding water heaters? Or, are you relying on your peers only? Believing in misconceptions on water heater repair can result in unnecessary troubles and waste of your hard-earned money.

Installing a water heater is a great choice unless you ignore the maintenance requirement associated with it. Moreover, when it comes to water heater repair services, several misconceptions can confuse the water heater owners.

So, if you own a water heater or are planning to buy one, don’t let rumors make you hesitant. It’s important to do your research. This not only helps to identify the proper ways to utilize water heaters effectively.

In the blog, we would debunk water heater repair myths all over the internet to ensure you can invest in the right water heater and get the best advice for water heater maintenance in Mission Viejo.

6 Water Heater Repair & Installation Myths

1. Water Heaters Do Not Need Much Maintenance

The No 1 myth that does round online is that water heaters do not need any maintenance. You may have talked to a friend or a family member about this already. Now, mind that you are reaching out to a user [Not an expert] for advice. So, all you can find there is biased individual opinion instead of valuable advice.

Coming to expert advice, any professional would suggest you plan for water heater repair services once a year. You need to call a plumber to remove the sediment accumulated in your tank and improve its efficiency. The plumber will check whether there is any leak or the water quality is ok.

2. Water Heaters Can Rupture Like Pressurized Rockets

How many of you have heard horrifying stories of water heaters exploding through the roof or a blowout leaving the floors flooded with water? Such tales of home electronics woes, albeit seize a home owner’s heart and can turn the owner skeptical about buying a water heater for the house.

But here’s the true story behind this. If you are buying equipment for your house, you need to maintain it thoroughly and repair it as and when required. Provided you follow this simple rule, your water heater is not likely to burst or break.

Regarding the anode rod, it’s connected to the water heater to protect it from rust. The anode rod or the sacrificial anode rod, as it is often called, attracts the corrosive material present in your water. However, this implies the anode rod will corrode over time – doing justice to calling it ‘sacrificial.’

So, you need to take care of the anode rod to keep the water heater speared from any damage. If required, you may need to replace the sacrificial anode of the tank. This replacement of anode rod in your water heater can help you keep it in service for the long term.
Replacing this anode can improve the capacity of rusting prevention of the tank. Hence, most of the plumbing service providers consider it to be a major part of water heater maintenance in Mission Viejo. If you don’t change it within the initial few years after installing the heater, you can hardly remove it efficiently later.

Moreover, people often believe that if gas or water is kept under pressure, it can blow up, and it may happen in the water heater also. But, this concept doesn’t work with a water heater as it has required safety measures installed to ensure buyers don’t suffer.

Thanks to these measures, your heaters shut down and release the heat while pressure is built up. Hence, you don’t need to worry that your heater is going to explode. But if your heater rattles, you can call a plumber for the required water heater repair in Mission Viejo.

Here, the takeaway point is: opting for regular water heater repair services does not keep the water heater in good condition only. It saves you from other associated problems without burning a hole in your pocket. However, because the anode rod’s job is to corrode, it must be checked often to make sure it’s still protecting your tank.

3. Installing A Tankless Water Heater Is Too Expensive

If you are eyeing a water heater with modern features, you might think that installing it would be an expensive choice. Especially if you plan to get a tankless water heater for your house, it would sound expensive at first. But, it is a myth that we are here to burst for you! Having a tankless water heater means going for a trade-off between price and efficiency.

These water heaters are often efficient in terms of providing long-term services. Therefore, the prices are on the higher side. The installation of tankless water heaters depends on selecting the location for installation, making it a bit more expensive as well. But installing one implies less time on looking for water heater repair services in Mission Viejo. This way, what you spend on the product and its installation are balanced by lower maintenance costs.

4. All Tankless Heaters Are Technically The Same

You can get multiple benefits from tankless heaters, such as instant water heating, low costs of utility, and space efficiency. But like all gadgets, tankless water heaters, too, have gone through several technological advancements making some of them more efficient and cost-effective.

So, it’s absurd for someone to say all tankless water heaters are the same without doing proper research about it. Except for the fundamental idea of tankless water heaters, each tankless water heater comes with its specific benefits, and as a house owner, you need to select what suits you the best.

If you are confident about your requirement and have thorough information on what tankless water heater can offer, it’s time to spare your attention from such misleading myths. Rather, before you make decisions on installing tankless water heaters, consult an experienced plumber for guidance on the installation service of tankless water heaters and water heater repair in Mission Viejo.

After all, misinformation on plumbing services is not very uncommon. Hence, you must be careful and consult an experienced plumber who can provide water heater repair services as per your requirement and help in water heater maintenance in Mission Viejo.

5. Dirty Water As My Water Heater Is Old

Sometimes, you may see discolored water coming out from the heater. You may think that your heater has become old and that’s why this problem has been raised. But it is very unlikely that discolored water is coming out as the heater is old. You may turn on the cold-water tap.

When the heater gets old, you may face other problems, like leaks in the tank-base or failure of heating, etc. Hence, discolored water may be due to some other reason, not for the problem of your heater. In such cases, you need to call an experienced technician who can guide you in water heater repair services.

A quick fix is to turn on the cold water tap and check if the water you get is still discolored. If you see the water is still discolored, the problem is not at all with your water heater. If, however, you get clean water from the cold water tap and the water heater is giving discolored water, it’s time to address the problem and get it serviced.

6. DIY Solutions For Water Heaters Are Easy To Do

People often apply popular ideas in the wrong manner and then blame the products when it causes a disaster. Likewise, the installation of a water heater, its repair, and maintenance is not free from myths and misinformation. Furthermore, when it comes to repairing water heaters, many people think they can go DIY.

The DIY water repair video surfing online might make it look super easy to execute but let’s tell you the actual story behind this. Those doing the repairing works in videos have years of experience in plumbing, and so should you if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise, relying on professionals for water heater repair services is your best bet!

A water heater maintenance service provider in Mission Viejo addresses several problems such as not having enough hot water from the heater or having too hot water. If you suddenly notice that water is leaking on your floor, instead of getting into ‘action,’ you need to turn off the water supply and then attach a hose for drawing off the water. After that, you need to drain your tank below the leaking level. You need to call a plumber who is experienced in water heater repair in Mission Viejo.

The good news is, with perfect water heater maintenance services in Mission Viejo, you can get clear water output within the correct temperature. If you are having too hot water, you need to set the temperature within the range of 120-125 Fahrenheit on the thermostat.

Tankless Water Heaters Are The Ultimate Solution To Your Hot Water Woes

Access to hot water is a necessity. But the demand for hot water depends from person to person, and so does the demand for water heaters. So, you need to find something that suits your purpose. Tankless water heaters are great in terms of performance and efficiency. Nevertheless, your primary watch-out factor has to be how appropriate it is for your house.

Tankless water heaters undoubtedly are more efficient, and therefore, often appear on the costlier side. But if you weigh the benefits you get and consider the limited maintenance cost, you will understand if it’s the right choice for you. Few determining factors are given here –

  • The temperature of water in these heaters can be inconsistent as you keep multiple outlets on simultaneously. You need to take special consideration on flow rates – it is the volume of water heat by a tankless heater at a specific time. GPM or “gallons per minute” measures this flow rate. Higher this GPM, the higher amount of this water becomes heated within the same time.
  • In these tankless water heaters, it is problematic to get lukewarm water. For these heaters, you need to maintain water flow with a minimum amount before activation. A gap remains between the coolest water and completely hot water by mixing cold and hot water.
  • You can’t avoid the problem of “cold water sandwich” in tankless heaters. While you turn the hot water in the heater on and off quickly, the pipes receive hot water from a few moments ago. Due to this short delay in between water flow and the heater, cold water bursts before it becomes hot.

Additionally, due to the small size of your tankless heater, many people think that these heaters cannot produce hot water in large volumes. But it is absolutely a wrong concept. You can get sufficient hot water till it’s working properly.

On another hand, another myth associated with tankless heaters is that you can get an unlimited water supply. It might seem to provide greater supply as it does not come from a specified tank.

Well, the above information is enough to debunk the common myths and make you realize that you should not rely on word-of-mouth from your peers. You need to ask for necessary water heater repair services if your water heater is not working properly. The proper guidance can help you in your water heater maintenance in Mission Viejo.

Additionally, it is advisable that if you want to purchase a heater, you have to check the “buyers guide” provided by our chosen service provider. This guide can help you to find the best water heaters for meeting your requirements.

For customized services for your water heater maintenance in Mission Viejo and help with the water heater repair services, you can contact us!

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