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Slab Leak Repair Santa Ana

Less than 12 percent of the homes in Santa Ana were built before 1949, according to statistics provided by city data. The late 1940s saw an increasing number of builders eliminating crawl spaces and switching to slab foundations; if you own a building with a slab foundation, your water pipes are entombed in the concrete slab. This construction method practically guarantees you may be unaware of a slab leak for months or even years. While the pipe is leaking, your home could be suffering damages that can be destructive or pose a risk to your health. Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration is an expert in providing slab leak repair Santa Ana.

What Exactly are Slab Leaks?

Slab Leak in Santa Ana are leaking pipes contained within the concrete slab foundation. The leak can be a tiny drip or a gaping hole. Leaks can occur in both hot and cold lines as well as both outflow and intake lines.

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    What are the Symptoms of a Possible Slab Leak?

    Due to its hidden location, it can be difficult for the average homeowner to verify that they have a slab leak. However, here are the most common symptoms that you might notice if you have a slab leak.

    • Your water bill keeps increasing from one month to the next although you have not dramatically altered your usage.
    • You hear water flowing in your pipes when no faucets or appliances are in use.
    • You notice spots on one or more floors that are noticeably warmer than the rest of the floor.
    • You find mold or mildew growing in unusual locations, such as underneath rugs or on your carpets.
    • You notice unexplained cracks in your walls or floors.
    • You find water pooling around your foundation.
    • You notice an unpleasant musty smell that you cannot identify or for which you cannot find a source.

    What Harm can a Slab Leak Cause?

    Many people think that a slab leak does little damage other than possibly increasing their water bill. However, slab leaks can cause a variety of problems.

    • They promote the growth of mold, which can have health implications, especially for the young or those with impaired respiratory function.
    • They can cause extensive damage to the foundation.
    • Water can wick into drywall, carpets, wood and furnishings, resulting in damage.
    • Landscaping around the foundation can be damaged, particularly if the leak is in an outflow line.
    • Small leaks seldom stay small; they tend to enlarge, and more leaks will frequently develop in the same line.
    Slab Leak Repair

    Why Do Slab Leaks Develop?

    Although slab leaks can develop as a result of a variety of factors, there are five primary causes of slab leaks.

    • Age

      : The older the pipes, the more likely they are to develop a leak.

    • Material

      : Galvanized, cast iron and copper pipes can become corroded over time.

    • Construction

      : Construction flaws, such as choosing the wrong pipe for the job or installing pipes without proper support, can result in slab leaks.

    • Earthquakes

      : In areas that experience frequent low-magnitude tremors, such as Santa Ana, the repeated stress can result in damaged pipes.

    • Soil

      : The soil underneath and around the foundation can shift.

    If You Suspect a Slab Leak

    Call a professional as soon as you suspect that you might have a slab leak. The longer you wait, the greater the chances are that additional damage or more expensive repairs will be needed.

    Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration is a local company with experienced, highly trained plumbers in Santa Ana available 24/7. We specialize in leak detection and slab leak repair Santa Ana. We are approved to work directly with most insurance companies – saving you time and frustration. Don’t wait until a small slab leak can turn into a major issue — contact us today.

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